Monday, 13 January 2020

My Must Have ; Winter Coats


January - we are well and truly into the Winter months. It's cold outside and the skies are predominantly grey. At this time of the year everyone is wanting to wrap up warm and barely leave their home well for me that's the case anyway well maybe for essentials and so I thought I would share with you some of my favourite coats of the season which will keep you feeling warm and looking all kinds of fashuuuun. 

The first one I'm sharing is the one above ↟ which i've had for a couple of years now is from Missguided and it's  gorgeous white faux fur coat. It's soooo snuggly and keeps you warm. I should also let you know it does have pockets as if you're like me this is an essential ha and looks good with so many different outfits. I usually wear all black so for me it's the perfect contrasting colour. I'm usually a size 10 UK but I went for this in a 12 for a more oversized and cosy feel. Especially if you're wanting to wear a jumper or thicker top underneath it. 

Unfortunately they don't have this in white but they do have it in two other colours which i'll link ↡

                • Charcoal Grey*                                                              Lilac* 

It's priced at £65 and available in size 6 - 14 UK     *click the images above for direct links* affiliate link

If you prefer a slightly longer line faux fur coat, these are also on my radar. Especially the Green one as its currently on sale from £65 down to £26. The mink is still full price at £65. But something you'll be able to have for a long time in my opinion as every winter you're going to need one of these. 

                                    • Mink* •                                                                • Green* 
                                         *click the images above for direct links* affiliate link
You can find more of their selection here*

PrettyLittleThing is another place to find some great coats/jackets and at affordable prices. 

                    • Oversized PU Aviator £63* •                       • Mara Navy Puffer Jacket £30* 
                                                                                 This one is available in 9 different colours
                                            *click the images above for direct links* affiliate link
You can find an even greater selection of their coats/jackets here

ASOS have also got a vast selection available at a range of different prices also. And if you're looking for something a little bit day to day or sports type then these are a few of my favourites. 

               • adidas Originals slim padded jacket £75 •*         • JDY Chevron Padded Jacket £45 •*
                                        *click the images above for direct links* affiliate link

To browse more of their selection click here*

These are just a small handful of the huge amounts available to you all over the internet and high street. Be sure to also check out the mens section as well as lets face it they're very versatile also. 

all links with * are affiliate which mean I may make a small commission from these if you click through them but this in no way alters your price etc 

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