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Miami - A Guide To The City

You may or may not know that I was lucky enough to go to Miami in November thanks to my gorgeous husband and we had the most incredible time there. It was everything I dreamed of and more and we had the most relaxing time on the rooftop pool and strolling the streets and shops. The weather was perfect with blue skies. And the sunrises and sunsets were out of this world. The best i've ever seen! and something i'd never get tired of. 

So I thought I would share my experience and give you guys a little city guide. 

Things To Do In Miami 

Downtown Miami & Brickell ⧫ Bayside Marketplace

This is a cute two-storey open air shopping centre with various different stores and a little something for everyone. They also have a range of market stalls I guess this is has something to do with the name ha which offer a selection of souvenirs and the such. 

Its right on the Marina and so you will be able to see the huge collection of boats/yachts and the cruise ships which dock not too far away. You are also able to select different boat tours if you wish which vary and will take you around and show you the sites.

As well as shopping you will find a selection of different restaurants and places to eat. My personal favourite which of course I just had to go to was Bubba Gump Shrimp Co,  where the food is to die for *drools* and for you who are aware of the legend Tom Hanks and the movie Forest Gump, you will thoroughly enjoy this place too. 


If you are into arty things or even just like to explore quaint streets then Wynwood is the place for you! Its a lively neighbourhood which was once a former warehouse district now turned outdoor art exhibition. This is where you'll find new and known artists pieces all over the huge walls - the perfect place to snap a few IG shots for sure. 

Miami Design District

Just up from Lynwood you'll find the Design District which has a selection of art galleries, showrooms, fashion stores and antique dealerships as well as different cafes and bars. 

South Beach 

This is probably one of the places that you will have heard of even if you've never been to Miami. It's a hot spot in the day and night where you will find an eclectic selection of restaurants, stores/boutiques and galleries amongst the iconic art deco buildings it has to offer. It has a crazy nightlife and is the place to be seen! So i'm told and the white sand shores of the beach against the blue water is enough to entice anyone there to visit. 
 The cute little coloured beach huts along the front were some of my fave. 
Another thing to also check out is the Versace Mansion on Ocean Drive which is the former home of Gianni Versace from 1992-1997 until he was killed on the steps. This is a super iconic location in Miami and a must see. You can also book to have dinner there too. 

• • • 

In all honesty these are just a few things and places to see and do whilst in Miami, but trust me when I say there's a whole lot more. In fact there's so much to explore whilst you're there you'll be wanting to extend your trip. I would say a minimum of two weeks is needed in a place this beautiful. It has everything you could ever possibly want/need in life. And you should really take full advantage of your time there. 

The water is so blue and clear I guess this just goes to show how close it actually is to the Bahamas - I mean we all know how gorgeous the waters are there and the sands so white. It's not hard to simply go strolling and then end up walking for miles and losing track of time. 

The weather is perfect 95% of the year I'm not kidding we went at the end of November until December and we had highs of 29℃ with blue skies and zero clouds for pretty much the entire trip. Only towards there last couple of days would it start off around 10-12℃ this is at 6am I'm talking when we would head to the rooftop pool to catch the sunrise which was obviously a little chilly compared to what we got used to - but nothing a dip in the hot tub and heated pool wouldn't fix. Even on the days where it was a little cloudy it doesn't take away from the beauty of the place and there's so much to see and do you can easily find something to keep occupied, besides tanning. And if it happens to have a little downpour, it will soon go and the sun will be right back out. Just a little tropical storm. 

The weather in Miami

December to January is the "wintery" months but you can still expect sunshine and blue clouds - and if you dare you can still take a dip in the sea.

It averages it's highs at around 23℃ - 27℃ and lows of 13℃ - 18℃ 
 With it dropping temperature from mid to end December and into January. 

February can still be warm and dry at this time of year. With the temperature starting to rise again towards the end of the month. 

It averages it's highs at around 24℃ - 27℃ and lows of 15℃ - 19℃

March will also still be getting warmer but may experience a little more rain
 Miami is a very humid place due to its tropical climate

It averages it's highs at around 25℃ - 28℃ and lows of 17℃ - 20℃ 

April can be one of those months with the highest sunshine days, lowest humidity and fewest rainy days.

It averages it's highs at around 27℃ - 29℃ and lows of 19℃ - 22

May is when it starts to get progressively hotter

It averages it's highs at around 30℃ - 31℃ and lows of 22℃ - 24℃ 

June to November is the start of hurricane season and the tropical storms. 
This means it can become more rainy during this time. 

It averages it's highs at around 30℃ - 33℃ and lows of 24℃ - 27

October can be the month with the greatest chance of a tropical storm. 

November is a good month. 

It averages it's highs at 27℃ - 28℃ and lows of 19℃ - 21

*All images are my own. And all opinions and views are that of my own. 


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