Thursday, 21 November 2019

Part Four : What I'm Looking Forward To Now I'm Thirty

 What I'm Looking Forward To

 Okay, so hopefully you've stuck with me throughout the last few posts and managed to learn a little bit more about me. I've discussed the last ten years of my life and what I learned and where I ended my twenties. Now i'm thirty which I still can't believe I feel like i'm starting this next chapter of my life in the best mental state i've ever been in. I learned so much in my twenties and because of that i've been able to determine what is important to me and what really isn't worth my time. 
 Because of my experiences in life so far i feel like i'm ready to start a whole new chapter and I look forward to everything I am going to be able to achieve. After some ups and downs in friendships I now have the best people around me who benefit my life in one way or another. Whether it be for support, advice or even just a general chit chat and catch up I now have a group of people who I know I can turn to no matter what. 


Tuesday, 19 November 2019

Part Three : Relationships In My Twenties - & Where They Stand Now

Relationships ; The Ups & The Downs

I'm going to try to keep this as short and sweet as possible, but hey i'm only human and I've been through a lot when it comes to relationships lol please stick with me.

 I met my first boyfriend in my early twenties (i'd had a short term 'relationship' in my late teens but that wasn't that serious) on one our "girl trips" away to a Greek island back in 2011/2012 I think. It was very unexpected and a bit of a world wind to say the least. I realise for a lot of people 'summer/holiday romances' are a thing, but for me it was the last thing I was looking for. I mean I guess it's the last thing that anyone is looking for to be honest but hey it happens. Anyway, I was on this holiday and we would always meet group of fellow party goers and would inevitably get talking etc as it's pretty much the norm when you're in a new place and theres a whole bunch of new people. One night we got chatting to a group of guys which resulted in the beginning of my 'holiday fling' and me never thinking it would ever last past saying goodbye to one another before leaving for the airport.

Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Part Two : Friendships In My Twenties - & Where They Stand Now Im Thirty

Friendships ; The Ups & The Downs

From school to college i'd had the same handful of friends that i'd honestly considered to be "life long friends" - We would be out painting the town red every weekend or more like 4-5 times a week ; you guys know how it goes and we would be having the absolute best time making memories. Whether you were with the whole group or the odd one you were always guaranteed to be laughing and smiling or getting into some sticky situations. Those moments where you would sit down and look back at months or even years later and still be able to picture the exact place or time. We had some incredible times together and I think as anyone tends to do, you think these friends are going to be with you for a very long time. Over time they friendship group changed a couple of times and I lost best friends but it didn't completely break our friendship group - just altered it. 


Monday, 11 November 2019

Part One - An Overview Of My Twenties : Now I've Turned Thirty (WTF)

November 3rd 2019 the day in which I said goodbye to my twenties and helloooo to a brand new chapter of my life. In all honesty I have no clue where the time has actually gone. On the one hand I'm looking forward to entering my thirties and starting again cliche I know and on the other I'm genuinely wondering how I even managed to make it this far.

 My twenties were filled with some of my best highs! There were weekends away and holidays with friends, far too much cheap shots being consumed, budget "hotels" if you can call some of them that (one of which i'm pretty sure was an actual barn - Location; somewhere in Greece/Animals were not included or harmed during our stay) and spending a large undisclosed amount of time on more rappers tour buses than i'd care to admit. #YIKES
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