Saturday, 1 September 2018

Swiss Clinic

If you haven't heard of Swiss Clinic , then take it from me you need to because this brand offers a variety of different Professional & Beauty Products in which you can use yourself at home. All products are there to be used to enhance your natural beauty without the need for any invasive surgery. 

Prices range from around £20 - £100 which I personally feel are very reasonable for products which I feel truly work for you. They offer products such as face masks, skin renewal treatments, self tanning drops to name just a few.

I first came across this brand when I was scrolling through Instagram and was constantly seeing different results from a variety of people, so when I was then contacted by one of their PR team and offered the chance to try out their Teeth Whitening System  I couldn't possibly pass up the opportunity. 

What I must stress at this point is that although I was offered the chance to try out this product and gifted the item, it by no means alters my opinion or thoughts and all those expressed are completely my own.

The Teeth Whitening System retails for £59 (stay tuned for a discount code) and it comes with two mouth guards and a travel case, as well as three syringes of whitening agent. And a set of instructions of course for the best results. 

The whole process is very easy and so to begin with you simply warm the guards in hot water waiting a few seconds for them to cool down and then place them in your mouth. Pressing down on the guards and sucking out any air from the guards so that they can mould around your teeth. Once done you then remove them and place them in cold water so that they can set. 

Placing a small amount of the whitening agent along the front of the guards you then place them in your mouth pressing them against your teeth and leave them in for around 60 minutes. I actually left them in for 40 minutes as I didn't want to max out the time as i've tried teeth whitening products before which left my teeth extremely sensitive. And 60 minutes is a long time to sit with these guards in believe me. 

After the time is up you simply remove the guards and rinse out your mouth. Personally I noticed a difference straight away and when you compare against the colour chart, which is also included, I seen a definite change in the colouring. My teeth aren't the worst, but they definitely aren't my favourite feature and I am a little self conscious about them and so to see a change was such a boost in my eyes. 

Now they recommend that you use it every day until you reach the required results and so I tried it out for almost 2 weeks leaving them in for 30minutes each time  as I found this time worked best for me but you can alter this to whatever you feel comfortable with. 

In the end I couldn't have been happier with the results and noticed a huge difference when using it, especially as I love drinking Diet Coke not the greatest for teeth to say the least and I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to boost their smile and even confidence. Even my boyfriend used it I bought extra guards and couldn't believe the results from it either. 

I've tried everything from whitening strips to toothpaste in the past and nothing has worked for me the way that this did. 

I'll definitely keep up using it and look to try even more of their products in the future. .

A huge thank you to Swiss Clinic for giving me this opportunity to try out and review the product. 

You can shop it directly here and if you use my code SWISSCLINICFX8 to get 20% off online. 


Let me know if you make any purchases and how you find them. 


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