Monday, 24 September 2018

Pro Teeth Whitening Co Review

Over the years i've tried a number of different whitening products from whitening toothpastes to whitening strips and even the whitening guards with gel. Some have worked well when i've stuck to it and some not so much.
I often wonder whether it's because I haven't been as consistent as I should have been whilst using them or whether I just bought into the 'hype' of the product, do you know what I mean ? But in all honesty that hasn't stopped me from trying out any new products, even though it probably should ha! 

But then I was recently introduced to this brand called Pro Teeth Whitening Co and as always I was intrigued to put them to the test, so when I was given the chance to receive a product of theirs  I was actually excited. I then received a package of the Teeth Whitening Activated Charcoal Powder which comes in a couple of different flavours I guess you would call them. They are 100% natural and vegan friendly as well as being made in the UK.

The ones I received if it wasn't obvious from the pictures were the Strawberry and Spearmint flavoured charcoal powder. This was actually the first time trying whitening powders so as you would expect I was a little dubious but I checked the directions of use and thought i'd give it a go.

It advises to be used twice a day so I thought I would add it to my daily routine and do it in the morning and on a night. You simply place a small amount into the palm of your hand or lid and place your wet toothbrush into it, and then funnily enough you brush your teeth. For roughly around two minutes and once done ensure you fully rinse out your mouth.

After doing this for two days yes two days I was actually beginning to see a difference in my teeth and they were becoming whiter than before. I was a little shook I can't lie as it was on of the first times where I had used a product and had noticed a difference so quickly. Even my boyfriend was surprised by how this little jar of magic worked.  

I've now been using it for over a week and it has worked great for me so far. I honestly would recommend this product and that is my honest opinion. It seems to be a great little product and retails for around £10-£15.

However this isn't the only product that they offer they also whitening strips, mouthwash and oil pulling to name just a few. They are available direct here as well as in places such as Boots.

Be sure to check out Pro Teeth Whitening Co's Instagram and mine Natalie Ayse to stay up to date with new posts.   


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