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If like me you like to find new and affordable websites to spend your dollar on then stick around for this blog post as I let you into a little secret and a new website I've come across. I was also kindly sent some pieces from the site and I'm going to share with you my honest thoughts and opinions on the whole process. 

So i'm thinking you guys are wondering first of all what is this website in which you're talking about? well it is called which stands for of course 'look of the day' we all know that well known phrase right?! and it offers a great selection of clothing and accessories at what I would definitely consider to be affordable prices. 

When I first took a look on the website, my first thoughts were that it is definitely easy to navigate and it offers a lot of different items from jumpers and trousers, to accessories and even shoes. Looking at the prices of them I would personally say that to compare them against other well known brands I would say they are around the PrettyLittleThing & Boohoo range. 

Now I must admit that coming across new online websites I can always be a bit dubious about the quality of the items as lets face it you can just never be that sure. But also I've had good and bad experiences with the most well known brands so I never really let this put me off when it comes to taking the plunge and placing an order. 

As I have mentioned, the website is easy to navigate and it is organised into categories as you would expect with all websites, my only slight criticism which isn't that major, is that some of the categories have a lot of pages to get through and with any website I can find this so long and confusing and it all gets a bit too much for me. What I like to do when this is the case is narrow the search down and think about what it is that I'm looking for and generally this works for me. 

The whole ordering process is easy as you'd expect from any website these days and what I gathered from looking on it is that quite regularly they do have special discounts and offers available which makes it even more affordable kerchinnnnngggg ! and also it offers free standard delivery to the UK as well as returns. 

What I ordered ...

First I picked up this Mid Blue Denim Jacket with Borg Collar £18 which I picked up in a size 10 and fits like an absolute dream. I really like the distressed rips and colour of the denim as well as the collar and I would definitely say it fits true to size, unless you want it oversized then of course order 1 or 2 sizes up. The quality is really good and what you would expect from a denim jacket. 

Next I selected the Greymarl Knitted Tracksuit Lounge Set £15 which I mean come on who doesn't love a loungewear set? especially at this time of the year. And also have you seen that price?! yes you read it right £15 for the whole set. The top is a hoody pull over and the bottoms do have a drawstring to draw in the waist. On the image above I have rolled the top up slightly to have a more exaggerated crop look but generally it is a crop hoody to begin with. It is nice quality, and definitely would keep you warm as let me tell you even trying it on I was working up a sweat! Roll on the colder evenings so I can throw this on. 

Finally I selected this Black Ruffle Top Bodycon Knitted Dress £15 which you would have probably seen this on various different websites recently and in a variety of different colours. It is super cute and easy to dress, whether it be up or down, and again so affordable. The material is soft and it fits really well. 

My final thoughts ... 

I think for the price you pay for the items they are very good quality and super affordable. The delivery is quick and they most certainly offer something for everyone. I would definitely recommend taking a look for yourself and if you do place an order, let me know in the comments down below what you picked up. 

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