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Fashion for me is and always has been a great way of expressing yourself and I don't believe you have to fall 'victim' to sticking to a particular style or look for your entire life. Fashion evolves with you and grows continuously, and for me this happens almost daily. Depending on how I feel on how I wake up, or the weather or what I'm even going to be doing alters the decision I make regarding how I am going to dress. 

And I just love how versatile fashion is and how much it allows you to express yourself whether it be through the clothing or accessories. 

Although this may be true for a lot of people, for others it can also be a little daunting which results in perhaps you sticking to a certain 'style' you like and not even thinking about stepping out of your comfort zone, instead just going for the easier option of what you know. Which again there is absolutely nothing wrong with this and each person is entitled to express theirselves in their own way, as isn't this what fashion is about ?! But I was recently introduced to an amazing concept which I personally think is a great idea and one in which everyone would be able to participate in, in their own way. 

Fashion is an expression of yourself and it can show whether you are confident or maybe not so much and confidence and being comfortable with yourself is something which I truly believe we should express and promote in ourselves as well as others. Compliments no matter how big or small can be a huge boost to someone who may see themselves in a way others don't. And so I'm all about promoting body confidence and being you, dressing how suits you and embracing your inner beauty as well as outer beauty. Sometimes all people need is a little confidence boost to help you feel that little bit extra special. 

And so the way it works is every Friday, or even the last Friday of the month, it becomes 'try-day Friday' where you challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone and try a new outfit or even accessory to your look. This is all about boosting your confidence and helping to express yourself in a different way. 

I'm no different and although Instagram can make it come across as though someone is extremely confident it is of course a lot of the time "all for the gram" and you don't really know what it might have taken to get that 'perfect' shot and everyone can fake a smile, which I think sometimes we forget, at the end of the day we are all human. Since taking blogging more seriously and carving out a career for myself in this world, in my own way, I have started to grow ever so slightly more in confidence and expressing myself and I have occasionally tried to opt for something that wouldn't necessary fall within my own comfort zone or even what I would class as 'suits me' but it is relevantly easy to slip back into old ways and wearing what we feel most comfortable in.  

I suffer from extreme anxiety and body dysmorphia which is something I may talk more in depth about one day and so I know first hand how daunting it can be to try something new as well as look at yourself and see something completely different to what other people view you as. As everyone has their own opinion, including yourself. I often look at myself and think I look too big, too short, not toned or even pull myself apart with my overall appearance wishing I could change certain features and I know I'm not the only one that does this. Since blogging though trying to shift my thought process and focus onto something else when selecting items has helped me slightly overcome this. 

I also have to admit that being on social media mainly Instagram and blogging it has helped me engage with some beautiful and kind people and leaving a little positive comment on someones image is a boost I can't lie, and I also empower body confidence and instead of slating people but leaving a nice comment can really help someone who may be feeling low feel a little better. 

Although social media can have the opposite affect but...

Right now it's all about embracing confidence and so today I have gone well and truly out of my comfort zone and picked an item of clothing that I wouldn't choose necessarily and you will probably be surprised by my thoughts. Usually my style is basic black, white and grey maybe a nude in there but nothing too out there and certainly staying away from all prints. That was until ..... 

I tried this floral playlist which has a maxi skirt attached and open and flowing to the front. Now this is completely out of my comfort zone as its floral print, which like I mentioned I stay away from prints, and it's long which usually I feel makes me look shorter and it's extremely feminine and girly. 

But surprisingly when I stepped into this and slipped it on and zipped it up I was genuinely surprised at how pretty it made me feel. It fit like a glove and with it being a playsuit it shows off a little legs so it doesn't drown me and teamed with a plain nude pair of heels I think this outfit would be great for summer events and even weddings and parties etc. 

It is certainly not something that I would go for and try-day Friday has certainly helped me step a little out of the box and give it a go with surprising results. I would highly recommend everyone to give this a go, whether you start with an outfit or even an accessory or adding a splash of colour. And share your experience on your social media. 

If you like this outfit you can shop a similar colour way here

This seamlessly leads me on to a website called Dia&Co which is an online brand catering to size 14+ and is an online clothing brand which also offers personal styling as well as being an advocate of try-day Friday and challenging you to step out your comfort zone. This website allows you to sign up and let them know about yourself, they then hand pick items for you and mail them to you. You are then able to try them on and if you like them great, if you need them exchanging or changing then returns are free. This is about embracing your body, shape and size and allowing someone to help you become more confident. 

You can find out more about this website and their cause here

If you want to take part then share your images online and use the #natalieaysebodyconfidence so I'm able to take a look and share! 

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  1. I absolutely love this Floral look on you! So flowy and flattering and completely gorgeous! I feel the same way about fashion- always changing and evolving and this try-day Friday is awesome!

  2. You look so pretty wearing that floral dress. It's beautiful and totally figure flattering. I love your post, it is inspiring and interesting. I agree with you, for me fashion is a reflection of who you are and how you want the others to perceive you.
    Thanks for sharing!


  3. I also think that fashion is to express yourself! This dress was made for you! The colors are so vibrant and totally a good look on you! Thanks for showing us this beautiful piece!

  4. Florals are all the rage for fall and this one look so lovely on you! Great look. xo, Suzanne~


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