Friday, 22 September 2017


Fashion for me is and always has been a great way of expressing yourself and I don't believe you have to fall 'victim' to sticking to a particular style or look for your entire life. Fashion evolves with you and grows continuously, and for me this happens almost daily. Depending on how I feel on how I wake up, or the weather or what I'm even going to be doing alters the decision I make regarding how I am going to dress. 

And I just love how versatile fashion is and how much it allows you to express yourself whether it be through the clothing or accessories. 


Monday, 4 September 2017


I genuinely love having a browse through the internet for new things to add to my growing collections of just about everything, and I love even more coming across websites which offer really cool and sometimes unique items. You will have seen my previous post featuring Zaful and I was lucky enough to be asked again to take a look at their website and select a few items. And with Autumn fast approaching I thought that I would see if there were any nice transitional pieces and put together a wishlist in which I'll also select a few items to get and review. 

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