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If you have read my last post about searching for long dresses you will have found I had discovered a new website called RoseGal in which offers a vast selection of items from clothing and shoes to bags and even more accessories it literally offers so much! 

Well after quite an intensive browse I found myself particularly drawn to the 'swimwearsection and I must admit I was pleasantly surprised by what they had to offer. From beach towels and cover ups to two-piece bikinis and full swimming suits, there was something for everyone I found. 

Now RoseGal did offer me the chance to select a few items up to a certain value and so as there were so many products that took to my liking I decided to take them up on this offer and place an order.

Just to note all opinions are that of my own and I intend to remain true to myself in giving you an honest and frank review from the whole process from start to finish, so placing the order to receiving the item and everything in between ...

The Selection Process

Okay, so i'll start from the beginning and the whole 'selection process' now I have to be honest and say it was rather intense and slightly overwhelming as there are just SO many products to filter through. I mean in the swimwear category itself there are over '4500' products and let me tell you that is A LOT! Yes you can narrow the search down using the side bars to determine what it is you're looking for i.e. beach cover ups, bikinis etc but even doing so you have a lot to filter through. 

Now I'm not saying this is necessarily a bad thing, more so a time consuming thing in which it can be a little hard to scroll through page after page when you're unsure of what it is you're looking for. However if you have something in mind then I would suggest maybe starting by typing in the search bar and see what is suggested for you based on that. 

I think for myself personally I looked at the first 9-10 pages of bikinis and maybe 2-3 pages of all in one swimsuits before I made my selection. One thing to point out is that a lot of the products come in various different colours and so if you find a style you like but not so much the colour, if you just click onto the item page it does show if other choices are available. 

What I Chose 

In the end I decided to go for two bikinis, the first being what was described as "Spaghetti Strap Removable Padded Bikini Set in Nude" and the second being "Micro Plunge Neck Ribbed High Cut Two Piece Swimsuit in Ginger"

This is what the items looked like on the website itself; 


The pricing is set to US dollars as standard but you are able to select your currency from the drop down in the top right hand corner which makes for simple and easy shopping. Now the nude bikini is priced £14.62 but it currently has 39% off so it is £8.93 and the ginger bikini is priced at £21.21 but again currently showing as £12.51. 

I think pricing wise they're very affordable, especially for what you're getting (providing it does come as it looks online, more on that soon) and what I have noticed from visiting the site quite a few times now is that they almost always have discounts and sales running so it is relatively easy to pick up an absolute bargain of an item. 

Be warned it can get addictive when you see the prices of some items and you start to get a little adding to shopping cart happy! 

Shipping & Arrival Time

So what you would probably notice on the website is that it does give you an estimated 'processing and shipping time' so this makes it a lot easier to determine how long you would be waiting for the items to arrive. Which I personally thought was a really good idea. 

Shipping is free from what I found on the items I ordered, I'm not too sure if its on selected items or only on certain periods of time but this is what I found. I placed the order on July 21st and it arrived around August 1st I believe, so it tough approximately around 10-12 days from placing the order.

You do get an email of confirmation as with anything ordered online these days and on this you are able to get a tracking link and can follow the process by logging into your account. 

From what I found out by looking on their website their offices are in Spain, so I'm assuming this is where the products are shipping from. Although I could be wrong and it may be that they're shipped from their warehouses elsewhere. 


The items were packaged well and they came in their own little plastic packaging which is good as it keeps the items together and clean. I didn't get any charges i.e. tax or customs or anything like that. The items were exactly as they looked online, however the nude bikini is a little more pinky/nude than shown on the website. It isn't a huge problem though, the colour is still really nice, just something I noted upon opening. 

The styles are really nice, they both come with removable padding in the cups which again is really useful depending on your own preferences. The bikini bottoms are very cheeky with one being a thong style bottom and the other a very micro style bottom. Which if this isn't something that bothers you then again I would really recommend them. 

The fabric is nice and as you would expect, the only slight problem I had was with the sizing as the sizing on the website is in US sizing with a size conversion chart. So they are shown as S, M, L which are US sized 6, 8, 10. When you look at the size conversion chart these covert to UK sizes 10, 12, 14. Usually I am a size UK 10 although I do have bigger boobs as well as larger hips and booty so I decided to go for the M which obviously using the chart converted to a UK 12 as I thought to go up a size to accommodate. However, although they do fit I would usually prefer it to be slightly more roomy and have a little more give especially in the bottoms and so it was a little disappointing. I would probably recommend going to a L so that if anything they were slightly too big than slightly too small. 

I think overall that was one of the only issues I came across in the whole experience with this website and it is just something to consider, as it is when ordering from any website, what the sizing is going to be like. I mean they do have sizing chart in centimetres and inches and show you how to measure so maybe if I had done this I would have got a better idea of the sizing, so this is something to definitely bare in mind next time I place an order. As I most certainly would buy from this website again.

The pricing is affordable and the quality of the items I've seen so far has been really good, they are also great with any queries and get back to you in a timely manner. 

To go take a look for yourself visit www.rosegal.com

Rating ; ★★★★★


  1. Wow ! You look really amazing in both these suits and I'm glad to hear about Rosegal! Sizing can definitely be tricky but it sounds like a definitely great site for affordable fashion! Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Rosegal has some of the cutest bikinis! Love both of these on you xo, Suzanne

  3. You look so good in both suits! Love the colors you chose, especially the pink one! sounds like an extraordinary brand!

  4. Adoro questo costumi... il giallo è il top ❤❤

  5. The suits looks amazing on you! The mustard is my favorite! I love the style and color best. I completely know the feeling of feeling a bit overwhelmed on a site. I always feel that way when I shop asos but I'm also an indecisive person so that doesn't help. It's good to know you have a pretty accurate shipping time and it's also lovely that the price is so low while still maintaining the structure and quality you'd expect from seeing the images online! Thanks for sharing!

    Manda | http://EvocativelyChosen.com


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