Tuesday, 29 August 2017


Following on from my last post in which you would have hopefully seen my Zaful Wishlist (if you haven't click here) I did take the plunge and select a few items in which to receive and review and they were kindly sent to me by Zaful but as always reviews and opinions are my own. 

I decided to select two pieces from my wishlist, but then upon further browsing of the site I did find a couple of other things in which I liked the look of and ordered. 

Placing an Order 

So placing an order was relatively easy on the website, again like the previous one there are a lot of products to choose from and I mean they literally stock so much that again it can be a little overwhelming. I found it a lot easier to look for specific products and narrow the search down as otherwise I was just getting confused. It is easy to place an order though and once you have created an account it is likely that you will see discounts of some sort or money off. 


As mentioned above, you will tend to see discount codes which can be applied as well as the items already being fairly priced in my opinion. Again as I think I said in my last online shopping review you can never be certain what you are going to receive and whether it is going to look like the picture or not, but that is a risk in which you take when ordering online on a lot of websites. I however haven't really had too much of a problem, but more of that later... I should also mention the website it originally in US dollars but you can change this to you're required currency which makes it a whole lot easier to keep track of what you're spending. 


I belive shipping was free, and you are able to track this online via your account. However it may be that on certain things you have to spend over a certain amount but I don't remember seeing this at the time. Now shipping times, I placed the order on the 15th August and it arrived on the 25th of August so it took in total 10 days to arrive. This isn't too bad especially considering it is coming from outside of the UK, I'm not too sure if it is from China but I personally found this okay. Just something to bear in mind if ordering for a specific occasion or holiday always allow at least two weeks for the items to arrive. I do also believe it offers worldwide shipping which is a thumbs up from me. 

What I Ordered 

Firstly I picked up this knitted mini dress in grey. This I was surprised at it wasn't the fabric I was expecting and it came in a branded little ziplock style bag which I thought was a nice touch and haven't seen that from any of these type of websites before. On trying it on I found it fit snuggly and skimmed the body in all the right places. It was a little short but nothing that you can't still wear. It was £10.46 which is reasonable. My only small issue was the straps weren't adjustable and were very short and tight I felt they could be a little longer in order for the neckline to come down a little bit. However overall it did come and look exactly as the image online. 

Shop this dress here

Keeping on the grey theme I next spotted this belted dress which I thought was a little different from what I've seen on other websites. This was priced at £13.28 which was a little more than I would have liked to have paid but it did look lovely on the website. With this it looks cute on, although I think the sizing is a little off and would probably go up a size from what you are, as it is very short and you'd probably have to wear something underneath it to stop any accidents from occurring if you know what I mean. I thought the fabric would have also been a little different and it did feel and look a lot cheaper than it did on the website. It was cute, but maybe not my favourite. 

Shop this dress here

Something that I picked up from my wishlist is this yellow one piece from the swimwear section. I just love the colour and the high rise and low back style. Never been one for one pieces but I think it is cute and would even look great teamed with some denim shorts or a skirt and worn as a bodysuit. It was £9.65 which again is reasonably priced. Again it came in a little ziplock bag which I thought was really good and could be used if travelling etc The fabric is not see through and it has the proper lining in the gusset as well as removable pads for the boob area. It fit great and I would definitely recommend it. 

Shop this swimsuit here

Finally I picked up a pair of sunglasses, now originally I went for a pair of mirrored sunglasses  like as shown in my previous post, but then I came across these slightly oversized pair which reminded me of the Celine sunglasses there were so sought after. They were £3.96 which were such a bargain in my eyes and I love the colour way of them as well as the straight top edge. 

Shop these sunglasses here


Overall I would say my shopping experience was really easy on this website and for the majority, the items were exactly as described and looked on the website. Pricing and shipping were good in my eyes with reasonable pricing and delivery times. Would definitely recommend taking a look for yourself as I mentioned they have such a huge array of products to choose from. As always take things with a pinch of salt as sometimes things aren't always as they seem and when it comes to sizing, make sure to check out the sizing charts to get a better idea of what it is you should be getting, as well as taking a look at the type of material as this is a huge help. 



  1. So amazing ! Loved your wishlist and love these pieces SO much! The gray outfit is so fun and also so chic and that bathing suit is gorgeous! I actually wore a jacket from Zaful today ! Love it !

  2. Such a great wishlist! I love Zaful! xo, Suzanne

  3. I love your wishlist. I love the grey mini dress and the swimsuit so much. That yellow color is beautiful on you 💛

  4. Such a good list of things you've got there! The steps are clear too so thanks girl!!


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