Tuesday, 11 July 2017


On a recent 'clear out' of my wardrobe I discovered a few items in which quite frankly, I hadn't see for some time and it got me thinking. I'm sure I'm not the only one who buys something, perhaps wears it once or twice and then completely forgets about it, because lets face it who wants to be seen more than that in the same outfit right?! 

Well that's how I previously thought anyway but then I got to wondering, we see so many fashion trends come around time after time so why isn't it 'acceptable' to be seen in the same item more than a couple times. And it's not even as fit you have to wear the exact same look but there are a number of ways in which you can switch things up and style them slightly different creating a brand new look that you haven't been out in! 

So this is exactly why i've decided that I'm going to start mixing a lot of old with new and hopefully it gives you guys some inspiration to do a similar kind of thing. Therefore recycling & restyling your old wardrobe and bringing something new into it. 

You will begin to notice over the coming weeks/months that I start to blend and mix a few different styles into the equation and I'm hoping to become more present on my blog. So if you don't already please follow here so you can share the journey with me. 

I put this outfit together after I came across this dark purple/burgundy bodycon skirt which I got a year or two back from Forever21 and I had completely forgotten about it. I decided to pair it with a black lace bra with harness detail which I had picked up from ASOS as lace bralettes or anything along these lines are very on trend.

And of course the look wouldn't be complete without with a killer pair of heels and so I finished the look of with my pair of Christian Louboutin Spiked stilettos. 

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  1. I am totally all about restyling pieces and I will definitely join you in this! Love the pieces her! So feminine yet so bold and statement making! The colors and fit are perfect and I can see the pieces being worn again, separately, within other outfits as well ! Well done !

  2. Bellissimo questo completo davvero molto sexy💖💖

  3. Girl, you look so ssexy! Love this look.

  4. Gorgeous pieces and this skirt looks marvellous on you girlie, xx

  5. I love having a clear out & finding clothes I forgot I had! You look gorgeous! Love this outfit combo x x

  6. It's super true! That's why I never throw anything from my closet unless it's ripped or stained because everything comes back to style somehow!


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