Monday, 20 February 2017


If you are a subscriber of mine you will know that I enjoy putting together wish lists of items that I am obsessing over and loving whether it be clothing, shoes or beauty. And seeing as though its almost payday for myself and many others as we come towards the end of this short month I thought I would do the first of this year.

Now i've been browsing the internet a lot recently looking for new things which are hitting the sites and i'm pleasantly surprised so far so good. 
I've noticed as will have most fashion lovers that detailed sleeves such as being bell shaped and oversized as well as fastening with bows etc are huge right now and I think they're going to get even bigger in the lead up to Spring/Summer. Also another trend right now thanks to my new found love of Gucci is embroidery and motifs whether it be on clothing pieces, shoes or bags.

Although this is a big trend i've noticed I'm not the biggest fan as I tend to go for more plain pieces pretty much in the colour palette of grey, black and white but I can't lie a few items have caught my eye from various brands so i'll be sharing them with you.

The first one of course is going to be from Zara I literally love this store it has so many on trend and key pieces in a variety of price points and I think they nail it pretty much every season, I even find myself picking up items I would never in a million year imagined I would and I've totally fallen for them the shopping addiction is real people, it's real! 

All items as usual will be linked for easy shopping/browsing and do let me know your favourites below in the comments or any recommendations of items you're loving right now also.




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