Friday, 17 February 2017

Hair Extensions? My thoughts ...

Changing my hair has always been something i've done, whether it be changing the style or the colour. For me I live by the motto it'll grow or can be colour changed as lets face it it's not that difficult to alter the style of colour and even if you were to cut your hair it does grow back, eventually. 

Over the last few years I have had relatively mid length hair but with the ever growing hair extension market shall we say and the extensive posts on Instagram of girls with luscious long locks it got me thinking that maybe I should give them a go.
Now I had hair extensions many years ago, they were the human hair clip in extensions and I probably paid around £90 for them at the time and to be honest I only worn them a few times and then I forgot all about them. But over the last couple of years hair extensions have grown to such a big market again and gone are the traditional glue bonds which always scared me as there were so many horror stories of them ruining peoples hair and in place we have the highly popular micro/nano ring hair extensions and even wefts in place of them, which happen to be a lot gentler on the hair. 

I had done a little research into the nano rings and thought they sounded perfect for what I wanted and seen so many beautiful transformations using this particular type of extension that I priced them up and was ready to book an appointment. 

Then it occurred to me, what if I didn't like them when they were in permanently well you know semi permanently in my hair for 9-12 months and I paid all that money and had to get them removed. It would be such a waste of time and effort not forgetting money so rather than diving in to get them fixed I came across Lullabellz Hair Extensions and after a little research into the types and how they looked I decided to go ahead and order some clip in ones again so I could get an idea of what they were like. 

They offer quite an extensive range of hair extensions from synthetic to human hair and in an array of 32 different shades and styles from straight hair to curly hair and even fringe pieces. So there literally is something for everyone, in particular peoples budgets. As with some pieces prices start from around the £20 range. 

Obviously the cheaper budget ones being the synthetic hair and the more expensive being the human hair so for a first try of them I went with the synthetic range as they had so many brilliant reviews and i'd actually seen a few people I follow on Instagram wearing them.

After browsing I decided to go for the super thick 8 piece straight hair which costs £25. First of I thought the price was extremely reasonable and particularly for such a big bundle of hair. Now when it came to selecting the correct shade for myself I was torn between two shades 'dark brown and chic brown' and so I decided to contact their free shade matching service in which you simply send a picture of your hair via email and someone will get back to you with a recommendation of shade. 

This part I particularly rate as it was super straight forward and they got back in touch with me within an hour and when they arrived they were such a great match. 

The hair feels of a very good and high quality and blended with my own hair effortlessly. There is a lot of hair I can't lie and I was a bit overwhelmed at first I guess you don't have to wear it all at once just deepening on your required look but after a couple of goes it was easy to get to grips with the situating of the hair and where it was best placed. 

I got many compliments when wearing them and I think as it looks so natural they're such a good buy, I think if these are that good and they're synthetic hair then I can't imagine the quality of the human ones they offer. 

Overall I would recommend these hair extensions everything from the customer service to the delivery, price and quality of the hair is great. It definitely was a good choice to try these out before taking the plunge and getting the micro rings fitted as I actually quite like the fact I can switch it up and have super long luscious hair and then my natural mid length. 

The length of the ones I got are 20" I believe. 

The particular ones I purchased you can buy here and you can shop the full range here

Again they are from 

Rating : ★★★★

Have you ever tried hair extensions before? Clip in or the nano/micro bonds? Let me know your experiences I'd love to hear about them. 



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