Tuesday, 17 January 2017

My GUCCI Wishlist

When I think back to my first designer purchase it was in fact a Gucci GG Purse which I picked up from the Gucci store in Bond St. London. I loved this purse and from buying it I literally used it every single day to me it was special because I had saved and bought it for myself it might not seem much to some people, but being 19 and buying my first designer piece was a big deal for me back then. And little did I know it would lead to where I am now and following my passion.

It cost around £200 if I remember rightly and when I first entered the store I remember thinking am I really about to buy something from this beautiful store?! I was dressed like an absolute mess as I was actually in London for the Wireless Festival and spending days in a field in Hyde Park I was certainly not looking my best, nor had I found my own style.

But I loved it and chose wisely, I still have the purse to this day almost 9 years later. You can tell it's been used but I think its worn incredibly well and for me it will always mean something to me. Since that first purchase Gucci had me hooked as a brand and I loved browsing their pieces.

It wasn't until my 21st birthday in London that I purchased my next Gucci item which was a beautiful GG canvas bag with a blush/nude stripe down the centre. I picked it up from Selfridges and again I loved it. I also still have this bag and occasionally use it still as it's still in really good condition.

It was probably around this time that my obsession grew even more for Designer brands and the likes of Louis Vuitton and Gucci itself I would see everywhere. Then for me, it kind of fell of the radar and I wasn't so much a fan as it had become more common with it's pieces.

However over the last few months I would say their brand has really picked back up and i'm beginning to fall in love with it all over again. My wishlist just keeps on getting bigger, and it's even branching out to clothing as well as just accessories.

I've decided to share some of them with you, remember all items will be linked if you like any of them also.

Are you a fan of Gucci? If so let me know your favourites below 

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