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Liquid Lipsticks ; The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

It has to be a good 12 months in which liquid lipsticks became one of the must have beauty products. Available from a variety of different brands from drugstore to high end in an array of colours and finishes including matte and metallic. However, after purchasing a few different ones it fast became obvious the good from the bad and so I thought why not share them with you.
Ordinarily I would share with you products in which I rate and would recommend but it got me thinking that maybe I should also share with you some things that don't quite make the cut in my opinion and share with you my honest experiences. Because lets face it, not everything is perfect or works out great right ?! 

All opinions shard and expressed are that of my own and I give to you my honest review. I will link all products mentioned (if I can find them online) and although I may not necessarily like a product it doesn't mean that you will always feel the same way.

I would love to hear your views on the items mentioned and more so leave a comment below or contact me via email details of which can be found on the contact me page.

The Good
These will consist of those select few in which I would highly recommend and have no problems with at all. 

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick £16

I only came across this brand a few months back probably a little late on the uptake I know but ever since i've become a fan of the liquid lipsticks even though I probably didn't want to like them.
Originally you could only get them by shipping them from the US which let's face it can be costly but they have since partnered with UK website and you can shop his products there.

Personally I think they're a really nice consistency, you get a good amount of product for the price and they come in an array of colours. Of course as any brand he has his sell out favourites but you can pretty much get your hands on all of them with ease.

They smell quite nice and don't have a horrible scent to them which leaves you pulling a screw face this is always a bonus although as I tend to have one 99% of the time naturally it makes no odds to me. Oh and also the packaging is really nice and sturdy if you know what I mean it doesn't feel cheaply made and I honestly think the product as a whole is value for money.

They dry really nicely on the lips and are easily applied. They have a good dough foot applicator which nicely coats the lips and you don't really need to use a lip liner with them. They're also pretty long lasting and don't wear easily.

I have the shades Celebrity Skin and Mannequin which as you probably guess are nude tones but I do have a few others that I'm dying to get my hands on I just always seem to be ordering something. 

Overall Rating ; ★★★★★

Celebrity Skin - Mannequin 

Dose of Colors $15-$20

Again these are such a good liquid lipstick, I originally purchased mine from again but it seems they may have restrictions on getting these shipped to the UK at the moment. The official dose of colors website does ship to the UK now I believe if i'm incorrect I do apologise although you can get them by shipping them via a company called gosend which allows you to shop those US sites and have them shipped via an US address therefore only incurring you one shipping charge. I've used this service before and it's so good and really helpful.

Anyway back to the lipstick, I have the shades Bare with Me and Truffle again nude tone shades and they are literally amazing. They easily apply to the lips, again not necessarily requiring a lip liner and are long lasting through eating and drinking. Also the smell is hard to describe but it isn't off putting when applying so I can live with that.

Overall Rating ; ★★★★

Bare with Me - Truffle

Kat Von D 'Everlasting' Liquid Lipstick £16

I actually really rate this product, it doesn't smell too bad or off putting and for the price of it it's extremely reasonable. I'm so glad they are now available at Debenhams online here I think the only down side to this is colour matching as its hard to tell what things are like online.

The shade I have is called Bow n Arrow which seems to be one of the most popular shades to go for and its a lovely nude/brown shade. The packaging is super cute with the traditional Kat Von D tattoo style design and it looks nice.

It does last quite a long time on the lips and you can eat and drink and still have product on without the need to top up and it's not overly drying on the lips either.

I'd definitely recommend this product and I actually want to try a few more shades.

Overall Rating ; ★★★★

Bow n Arrow 

The Bad
These will consist of those select few in which I would recommend still but wouldn't say were my go too, just average.

ColourPop  $6

Now these aren't really that bad they're pretty much what you expect for what you pay for them. They cheap and affective and come in an array of different colours. These also do now ship to the UK yeyy! so you can quite easily get your hands on them minus the shipping costs of course.

 They are best worn with lip liners in my opinion, and although they last a good amount of time they can occasionally look cracked and require topping up.

Lets face it it can be hard to find a formula of lipstick, especially matte which is super long lasting. But they do what they do for the price of them.

I have the shades Trap, Beeper and Lumiere 2 which are nude/pink tones with a mauve nude tone also. Really nice colours and like I say so affordable. Packaging is basic but cute, and you can find these shades plus more on Colourpop

Overall Rating ; ★★★

Trap, Beeper - Lumiere 2 

Liquid Matte by Huda Beauty  £18

Now this particular product I literally couldn't wait to launch as I had followed Huda Beauty on Instagram for so long and kept seeing the reviews of this product. When it came to the UK it was first available on Cult Beauty and came in around 16 shades.

It was actually hard to pick one so the first one I picked up was Bombshell again nude like what can I say I love nude lips and it's kind of become my thing and then I managed to actually get shade Venus on a recent trip to Harrods in London as they now also stock this brand!

With this one I think because I had such high hopes for it I had wanted it to be the best damn thing since sliced bread, and for me on the first couple of uses tit just wasn't. Now the creator of this Huda Kattan has openly said that she wanted the formula of her lipsticks to be a little gentler on the lips shall we say and not so drying as she isn't able to wear these and so because of this they don't dry fully down on the lips.

So as where the matte ones dry super dry and hard if you know what I mean these ones dry and stay a little tacky which was a strange concept for me in the beginning. However in no way shape or form am I dissing this brand as like I said I actually went out and bought another one and they are growing on me the more I reach for them. I think it just takes some getting used to as everyone has their preferences on how they want something to look and this was just different from what I had experienced before with other brands.

Overall Rating ; ★★★★

Bombshell - Venus

The Ugly
These will consist of those select few in which I wouldn't personally recommend. 

Kylie Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick  $17 individual $29 with lip liner

This one may be a little controversial but I can't help but include this in the ones I would least recommend. Like so many people all over the world I imagine, I couldn't wait for the release of these lipsticks after hearing raving reviews and seeing so many swatches etc however I was really disappointed with the overall product.

I purchased mine I think on the second release of them I did a review on these back then here and this is probably where it went wrong. I just don't think the formula was perfected and it was probably released prematurely in my opinion. It cost quite a bit to get them shipped over too although they arrived pretty quickly in like 7 days.

I picked up the shades Dolce K and Candy K and they cost like £20 if you get the ones with the matching lip liner. Again nude colours shock which are okay but they're not long lasting and they crack on the lips making them look all nasty, and really who wants that.

The product itself is a very runny consistency and literally it spilled out of the packaging and onto the floor yikes! it also has a not so nice smell to the product which is off putting, especially as its going to be on your lips for what you hope, a long time.

The lip liners however are quite a good product and I do still reach for these to wear alongside other lipsticks.

The packaging of these products are cute though and individual to Kylie Cosmetics which I do like that and I must say since she has expanded brand and brought out more shades as well as eyeshadow palettes I have heard more good things about them than bad.

Oh on the plus side they are a lot easier to get a hold of now and can be bought individually. 

Overall Rating ; ★★

Dolce K - Candy K


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