Friday, 6 January 2017

Beating The January Blues - Workout Mode

If like me you're suffering with post Christmas/Holiday blues particularly resulting from the constant overeating and indulgence of chocolate then boy have I got just the inspiration for you to get up off your boootayyy and shake and shimmy it into gear for the New Year

For me personally I enjoy, in fact I love, working out as I find it just gives me an instant buzz and boost in confidence. However, lately i've kind of fallen off the bandwagon and like most people this can and does happen from time to time but I'm here to let you know don't sweat it, you can get back into the swing of things it just takes a little bit of a push and you'll find the groove again. 

A few techniques i've learnt to help get back into a workout routine is firstly to set a goal on where you would want to be and see yourself, and by when. So I would suggest keeping a diary of some sort which you can note your weight and progression through your journey. Some may also find it useful to keep a food diary so you can track your eating habits and perhaps make small adjustments to it if you find something isn't working out for you. 

Once you've reached your goal I would recommend treating yourself for your handwork. One of your goals could also to be to buy an item of clothing a size or two smaller than you are and work towards being able to fit into it.

I would also recommend allowing yourself a 'treat night' in order to eat some of your favourite treats in order to not over eat or snack on these too much, as getting fit and working out isn't necessarily about cutting out everything you love but more so finding the right balance for you. 

Drinking plenty of water is also great to help you detox and keep you hydrated whilst working out. 

Another tip from me which I always find helps, probably because it involves shopping, is investing in some new active wear which will help with your motivation and boost your confidence also. 

And boyyyy do I have a treat for you ladies! I think I quite possibly have some of the most chic, sexy and figure hugging workout pieces for you. I legit think they're so cool and so affordable too, and as well as being able to wear them whilst working out I think you would look just as good and sexy rockin' them on an 'everyday' basis from running errands to grabbing a bite to eat. 

The brand is called Maniere De Voir some may have heard or come across it already as it is seen all over Instagram or if not then let me introduce you to them. They provide super cool, fashionable and statement pieces from dress, coats/jackets to hoodies/sweaters and accessories. 

What I didn't know, until I recently found out, was that they also have a range of active wear garments available which include workout leggings, hoodies and tops

One of my favourites from the collection is the nude set. (each item is individually purchased)

You have the MDV Mesh Hoodie £22.99 down to £11.99 in the sale >here
This is such a nice colour and super airy which is great whilst working out, as well as being able to throw it on over a tee/tank top whilst out and about running errands etc. 

You then have the matching Zip Front Crop Top £15.99 down to £7.99 in the sale >here<
I just love the colour, again, and the racer back style is so feminine whilst still being supportive whilst working out. 

The Mesh Panel Leggings £22.99 down to £11.99 in the sale >here<
Now these are just perfect, the panelling adds support and shape which creates the perfect workout leggings. The logo to the sides is discreet yet adds a small touch to the leggings. 

How To Style 

First of all as a 'three piece' set this works perfectly. The colour is refreshing and light and creates a seamless silhouette from top to bottom. Having the mesh hoodie also provides the perfect cover up for when you are going to and from the gym as well as you being able to wear this on a day to day basis whilst teaming it with a tank top or tee and using it as an alternative to a coat. 
Particularly on those warmer days. 

Because it doesn't look like your "typical" working out/active wear clothing it makes it a lot easier to be worn during the day whilst your out before you've even hit the gym. There is such a thing as 'sport chic' believe me and this is ideal! 

As for the top and workout leggings, you can easily mix and match the pieces and wear them with different items for example a simple white/nude tee would look great with the leggings for when you're wanting to lounge around or be more laid back and relaxed with your outfit. 

Another piece I really like is this Zip Front Crop Top in Khaki 
£15.99 down to £7.99 in the sale >here<
I just think there is something about this colour and contract with the white trim. It is cut so flattering and sexy, who said you couldn't be sexy and feminine whilst working out?! 

The Shape Waist Leggings in Khaki £22.99 down to £11.99 in the sale >here<
I think these have to be one of my favourite pairs as again the contrast in the khaki with the white panelling is perfect. Who doesn't want to wear flattering pieces to work out in as well as being stylish and on trend?! 

Likewise as the nude set, these don't necessarily have to be worn in the gym but also see you through the day. And at such affordable prices it's a total win win situation. 

You'll be the envy of the gym when you rock up in these, trust me! 

Find my favourites and more here 

But be quick, you don't want to miss out on these!  


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