Sunday, 13 November 2016

Winter Warmers

I have to be honest Winter isn't really my favourite season going. It's cold, dark and miserable and it makes you want to do nothing more than curl up in a ball on the sofa and watch movies and trashy tv whilst sipping on a large cup of hot chocolate, well for me anyway. 

So i've put together a few of my key items to include in order to have the perfect night in.

All items linked for easy shopping, I've also left below my favourite snacks and hot chocolate! 

An obvious essential well to me anyway is a hot water bottle. Particularly a faux fur one you just can't go wrong with one of these. Guaranteed to keep you warm and have you feeling cosy whilst relaxing with not a care in the world.

This one I found at Marks & Spencers and can be found here

Also a must is some super comfortable pyjamas/loungewear. And I love how good the quality of the items are from Boux Avenue and for me the price point is ideal. They have a lot to offer in terms of style from sets to separate mix&match pieces. 

You can't go wrong with a good ol' slogan either. Find them here

Okay, how nice are these suede and faux fur trim slippers from River Island?! Cute right, I love this
colour and the furry lining is super soft on the feet! Great for keeping them warm and perfect to slip on whilst going to top up the popcorn and hot chocolate. 

You can find them here

Finally a must have is a fleece/fur throw which can wrap yourself up in and keep warm and toasty. And this particular throw is available in so many different colours and at such an affordable price as well. Perfect for leaving on the side of the sofa ready to throw over yourself. 
Have a look at more and buy here

The Perfect Hot Chocolate 

You will need the following; 

A large cup/mug
Galaxy Hot Chocolate 
Squirty whipped cream
Chocolate to sprinkle

Add 4-5 heaped spoons of the hot chocolate into the mug and add boiling water.
Add a small amount of milk to your liking to make it creamy. 
Squirt the whipped cream around the top of the cup and into the centre. 
Add marshmallows and chocolate to your liking. 

The tastiest, chocolatey, creamy heart warming drink perfect for the cold dark nights. 

For snacks ;

I like to indulge in ;

Galaxy chocolate - or chocolate of any kind to be honest
Popcorn - Butterkist sweet only for me mmm


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