Thursday, 24 November 2016

Tan Day Thursday's

You may or may not have seen a past post where I shared with you my first time experience with the Bondi Sands Tan and I actually really loved it. And i've been using that particular one ever since as my go to. However recently i've been wanting to branch out and see if I can find another alternative. 

And so the hunting began ... 
I'd been searching in stores as well as online and reading up on numerous reviews about which one to try next and I came across this one called Cocoa Brown. Now I have seen this a few times whilst scrolling through Instagram especially on a few other bloggers feeds so I thought why not.

As everything these days it had a mixed bag of reviews but mainly positive overall and when I seen this in my local Superdrug store I thought now was as good a time as ever to give it a go. 

So i'd done a bit of research and picked up a bottle of the Cocoa Bornw 1 Hour Tan Dark Mousse as I love to be golden brown at all times. I swear i'm made for warmer climates 😫

Before applying the tan I made sure I exfoliated with some body scrub, I used the Palmers Cocoa Body Scrub here I just love the smell of this. And once I made sure I was dry I applied Palmers Coconut Formula Body Lotion here. All of this was done the night before I was going to apply then tan. This is the perfect way to prep the body before tanning. 

The next evening I applied the tan using a tanning mitt, now the tan does advise it is done in 1 hour however you can leave it on longer than that. I also apply my tan from the feet upwards, I basically start at the ankles and do the legs, with any excess to do the feet and continue up the body. I also let it dry before putting on any clothes. you don't want it to transfer. Once you've rinsed the excess tan off you're good to go! Better still the tan keeps developing after you've rinsed it off.

Over all, I was impressed with this tan, its not the darkest of tans even though it was the dark mousse I used but it went on really well, no streakiness. It had a slight smell but nothing too off putting. And i'd definitely recommend it if you want a subtle bronzed look. The price point was also really good at £7.99 well worth it I believe. 

You can get it from here as well as seeing more their range. 

Have you any recommendations on fake tan to try ? Let me know 

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