Tuesday, 1 November 2016

It's My Birthday (Almost!)

So it's the 1st of November and it's almost my birthday, so I thought why not put together a little wish list of things i'm loving and lusting after right now. 
Just a little disclaimer this is purely for fun and is light hearted and is generally just a list of items that I am really loving right now or have been wanting for a quite a long time and working hard towards achieving. Because I believe you should always have goals and dreams to work towards, ambition is good for the soul and why shouldn't you treat yourself with the money you earn?

However, I should point out that these things, although on my list, are not things I have asked anyone for its purely for my blog and you guys. And you never know you may get some inspiration from it also. 

As always items will be link.



  1. I love that Valentino Shoes... If you want you can visit my blog :) Im new in the bussiness http://marie-floyd.blogspot.com.es/2016/11/america-decide-por-el-mundo.html?view=magazine

    1. Beautiful aren't they! I'll be sure to check it out.. Make sure you follow.


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