Friday, 28 October 2016

Clinique 'pep-start' Review

On a recent spare of the moment shopping trip I came across the Clinique concession stand on my way out of the store and my eyes were instantly drawn towards the new 'pep-start' collection. I'd heard a little bit about this new collection whilst scrolling through Instagram.
As someone who has quite oily skin I try not to use too many products on my face, as i've said before. At the moment I swear by the moisturising gel by Clinique and so after speaking to the very helpful consultant it appeared that this new moisturiser was also very good for oily skin.

The product which intrigued me most was like I say the new moisturiser which is called the 'Clinique 'pep-start' Hydroblur moisturiser'. It comes in a 50ml blue square tub and is priced at £24.50. I just have to say as well I love the packaging. Its young and fresh and I like that Clinique have tried to aim this collection also to a younger audience. 

I think the price point is great and affordable and will certainly appeal to a wide audience of people. 

After using the cream for a week or so, now both on a morning and night after cleansing I must say I do think it has a lovely consistency and doesn't leave the skin feeling greasy at all.
Please note that this is my personal experience with using the product and may not be the case for every individual. 

You only need to use a small amount and it goes a long way, on application I tend to concentrate on the main oily areas which is of course my 't-zone' but I also remember to apply it to my neck as well.

So far so good with this product and I would recommend giving it a go, it won't break the bank and it'll leave your skin super soft and hydrated. It also leaves a flawless base before applying foundation. 

You can purchase this product here

They do also offer a variety of other products in the 'pep-start' collection which you can find here

The helpful sales assistant was also kind enough to give me a couple of sample of the pep-start eye cream and 2-in-1 exfoliating cleanser. 

They eye cream is super soft and the ball like applicator is perfect to gently massage it into the skin under the eye area. And although the cleanser isn't something I was looking for, it turns out its pretty damn good as well. 

Definitely worth a look ladies. 


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