Sunday, 4 September 2016

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Review

Around a week ago now I received a cute little parcel from Jeffree Star Cosmetics (here) and it was none other than the 'King Tut Skin Frost'. 

Upon first impressions it was wrapped cutely in silver paper and bubble wrap sealed with a Jeffree Star sticker
(I guess the bubble wrap was added recently since there were a bunch of Skin Frost's delivered to customers and when they'd opened them it was cracked - this happens in transit) so I thought this was really good.

After removing the packaging out popped the bright pink box embossed with the logo. It's clean and simple and provides the ingredients used for the Skin Frost on the back as well as showing it is vegan and cruelty-free (which is good news)

I was pleasantly surprised with how large the compact is and I would estimate it to be around 3" in circumference. It has an easy opening and also most importantly includes a mirror on the top half. Perfect for checking that glow! 

The skin frost is very pigmented and soft to touch a little goes a long way with this which is good because you can create the desired intensity of highlight. 

My overall impressions of this product are great it applies really easily and as I mentioned you can create the desired look you're after which suits you and I guess the occasion. I have a feeling it will last a while and I personally think the pricing isn't too bad at all. 

If I remember rightly it costs around $39 including shipping to the UK although you may get custom tax charges which come in around £12 it really isn't too bad still. 

It was really easy to order as he updates his Instagram with the release dates and times as well as on his Snapchat.  It is a lot easier than buying from Kylie Jenner Cosmetics in my opinion. 

You can browse and shop for yourself here

And as mentioned find out about the release on his social media 

Have you got any of these products ? Let me know and if so how you feel about them 

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