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It was a while ago that I came across the @Myraswim brand whilst on Instagram and I loved how they looked and the colours of fabric which was used. 

They are an Australian brand which was founded and created by Biana Elouise. The collection uses sexy cuts fabric with seamless finishes which hugs and fits to the natural curves of a woman's body.

Using a 90s style high rise and cut it flatters the body and elongates your legs, especially if you're a little shorty like me. 

The brand offers a range of styles of bikini tops and bottoms which can all be mixed and matched, as well as a few one piece items which are super sexy. 

I decided to go for the Jagger Top x Cindy Bottoms in black. I actually really want to get a set in the  beige and blush colours also. (goodbye bank balance it was nice knowing you)

You can browse and shop the full range here

They do ship to the UK and you can change the website to show you the pricing in pounds, as well as various other currencies apart from Australian dollars. 

The shipping is tracked using DHL and so you can be assured you will be kept up to date with the location of your parcel. One thing to note is don't be surprised if you do find yourself being charged with a customs tax as this is normal. 

I would recommend this product as they are so comfortable when on and it don't even feel like you're wearing anything to be honest. Extremely flattering and whilst I wore this on holiday I got asked numerous times where they could find the bikini from. 

You feel super sexy when wearing it as well as confident and those little nice comments give you that extra boost. Currently they do sizes small and medium. I picked up the medium being a UK 10 with a big bust and I found it to fit perfectly. They do have a size guide which you can also use to help you select the correct one. 

They are quite 'expensive' in the world of bikinis and swimwear, and I understand that this won't appeal to a lot of people, however, I believe you do get what you pay for and I feel that the strength of the fabric means it won't easily go out of shape and you will be able to wear it multiple times. 

Don't forget to follow them on Instagram, there new collection will be dropping this month and it looks so good, I have my eyes on a few pieces already. 

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