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My Top 5 Tips ...

... for Healthier Looking Skin 

To be honest when it comes to my skin routine it's no secret that I keep everything basic and to a minimum. I know as well as most of you that when it comes to skin care the products in which are available can be very confusing as well as expensive. 

Brands like to try and appeal to you with sometimes costly products and make out that they are this incredible and wondrous saviour but this may not always be the case lets face it. 

What I will say as a little disclaimer is don't get me wrong there are some products out there that do cost more and are worth the money i'm just being real and letting you know that if you research a little you can find an equivalent at a much more affordable price. 

The products I use and swear by have been tried and tested by me and are affordable products.

I've mentioned before I'm sure that I don't actually wash my face regularly let me explain what I mean by that.  I don't use 'soap and water' and so to cleanse my face after wearing make up and the day to day grime I guess that's in the air, I use Simple cleansing face wipes followed by Cliniques clarifying toner or Pixi Glow tonic (which is fast becoming my favourite product). 
Some may think 'you don't use water on your face?! Are you serious' but for me my skin is clear 99% of the time and it just works for me. 

However, once or twice a week I use and swear by the Lancome Gel Eclat which is priced at £23 and you can find here. You only need a small amount and you rub and massage it into the face and neck of 3-5 minutes on a damp face before removing with warm water. 
This product is Ah-maze-ing and it honestly makes your skin feel so clean and refreshed. 
I use a soft face cloth to remove the product. 

The second thing I do for healthier and flawless skin is to use a T-Zone nose pore strip which removes any dead skin and reduces pores on the nose area which is something I have struggled with. They cost around £2.00 for a pack of 6 and again I try to use these once a week just to keep on top of my pores and keep them under control. You can buy these from places such as Superdrug as well as online like here

I also ensure I use moisturiser on my face twice a day. Remember before you select your chosen one you take into consideration your skin type so you can make sure you're helping your skin and not making it worse. Because I can have a little extra oiliness I swear by Clinique Dramatically Different Gel (50ml tube is priced at £18) here. It hydrates my skin leaving it feel soft and not in the slightest greasy. 

This one may not sound such a secret or tip but a balanced diet and exercise also promotes healthy an glowing skin. A mixture of fruit and vegetables as well as exercise can help release endorphins and provide essential vitamins to help from the inside out. 

Finally, the last thing I do which isn't really a surprise or secret is good ol' water.  Yeah you heard me, that stuff that comes from the tap for free. However, I personally prefer either bottled of filtered water as opposed to straight from a tap. I try to drink a good few litres a day so that it help promotes healthier and glowing skin as well as remove toxins.
I don't always drink this particular 'brand' water is water but if you like that bit extra then try Voss water which is in a glass bottle and looks a little fancy I guess. You can get this from supermarkets, for example ASDA, Tesco and here

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