Monday, 22 August 2016

Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lip Review

If you caught one of my latest posts about the Huda Beauty lip contour pencils then you will have seen that I had been lusting after the Liquid Matte lipsticks from the same brand. 
And finally around a week ago they landed on Cult Beauty after witnessing people purchasing them in Dubai and the US.

I really didn't know which colour I wanted to get and although I had a feeling they would sell out right away you can still purchase quite a view of the colours on the website here I thought I would get the matching one to one of my lip contour pencils in the shade Bombshell (which is a nudey/pink colour). 

Priced at £18 I don't think it's too unreasonable for a lipstick especially if it lives up to its much advertised hype. I have been following the process of the creation and launch of this product and it just looked like everything I had wanted out of a lip product.

Just a side note if you don't already I recommend you follow 'Huda Beauty' on Youtube/Instagram and even Snapchat as you are guaranteed to see all the behind scenes work as well as great tips and advice on all things beauty.

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Anyway back to the product, so I picked up this shade and patiently awaited it's arrival (just to let you guys know that after the trouble of purchasing the lip contours the process for this was a lot smoother and the website didn't crash hallelujah) it came within a couple of days and I couldn't wait to give it a go. 


First impressions were the packaging was super cute and I liked the carton style with the sleeve where it appears your product is being held, it's a good logo and style to have which is unique to the Huda Beauty brand. 

The frosted casing of the product is nice and soft and the applicator is the perfect size and shape to get coverage. Its very creamy and soft on application and applies really nicely. 

Now with other liquid matte lipsticks they dry within a 30-40 seconds and occasionally they can be very drying and crack when on. With this one the formula doesn't dry all the way down and so it remains quite tacky/sticky on the lips which is not something i'm used to and it was a little strange I can't lie I always think of the product being completely matte and dry whereas this is completely different to anything i've tried before. 

At first it's a little bit off putting because when you close your lips they stick together slightly so I was confused as to how it would stand the test to their 'long lasting' wear. It does however have a nice smell to it and doesn't make me want to wretch like some do. 

I must admit the stickiness put me off slightly but applying a little translucent powder dries it off a little bit and I must confirm it does have a long lasting power. I've worn it every day since getting it and so far so good. 

To try one out for yourself go here

Have you tried them? What are your thoughts?
Let me know by leaving me a message below. 


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