Thursday, 16 June 2016

A Happier YOU

It isn't really a secret that I suffer with depression/anxiety as well as OCD and I have struggled over the years until I finally came to terms with it and took the first step to 'recovery' by accepting it and accepting that this is not out of the ordinary.

A few months ago now I started a journey to find my true self and pretty much discover what it is I wanted from life and what made me truly happy

I'm not going to lie, it isn't a quick process and it takes time to really find out what it is that makes you complete and to basically find out who you really are. 

But believe me when you start to make changes and you notice yourself letting go of everything that doesn't matter you being to a fell better. 

Here are a few tips and bits of advice that have helped me over the last few months and what i'll be continuing to do moving forward. 

First thing, which may sound a bit simple, is acceptance. You must accept that you are going through something which isn't allowing you to be your true self and that you will and can change. 

It's never too late to fulfil your dreams you just have to believe it is possible.

You also have to quit with the negative thinking and instead replace it with positive thoughts. When you start to look at things in a positive light then I am truly starting to believe that good things will follow. 

So what I have found works for me is when I find myself drifting off into a negative space I take a step back, breath and flip it into something more positive. 

I have also found that working from the inside out can create a happier you. For example I have started to drink a lot more water than previously which helps to hydrate, keep your skin flawless as well as flush all the toxins out of your body. 

Eating a balanced diet can also lift your mood, so introduce more fresh fruit and vegetables into your daily meals and try to prepare as much fresh food as possible, that way you know what you're putting in your body. 

Getting back into working out has also been really good for me, and its true what it says, working out can release endorphins which are kind of like happy pills and make you feel good about yourself. 
Give it a go... 

Socialising and speaking to people whether they be professionals (which is the route I chose) or friends and family, it's always best to discuss things and get them off your chest so you aren't left with the burden of everything on your shoulders. 

Time is also a great healer, and what I mean by that is give yourself time, don't be too critical on yourself let things go and move forward, it takes time and isn't going to be always easy but you do have the strength to do it and live a happy and fulfilled life. 

When I set out on this journey I had no idea where it would take me but I have learnt so much about myself already that i'm kinda excited about the future and whats to come. 

If you believe it can happen then trust me it will. 

If you want to know more about my journey then let me know either by leaving a comment below or email me 



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