Thursday, 31 March 2016

Spring Time Footwear

 Spring may have sprung officially, but let's face it we can't get too excited about the nice weather yet as long as we live in the UK we should expect it to remain cold, dull and wet. And as I'm sitting typing this up I can hear the rain bouncing off my window..Oh the joys. 

As I was searching through the internet I found myself looking for some suitable footwear for this transitional period between Spring and Summer (if that's what we can call it) because it's way too premature to be wearing flip flops/sandals and the such so instead I have found the perfect alternatives. 

I have put together a wishlist to give you all some inspiration and share with you my favourites that I have come across and are available to buy now. 

All items linked for easy shopping. Enjoy xo



Alternatively if you're looking for something a little more relaxed... 


If you fancy a bit of a splurge .... 

These are just a few examples of shoes and boots I am loving at the moment hope it has given you some inspiration 

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  1. I am loving the strappy sandle trend, I think it adds a little something to your outfit. Brown suede boots are also great for spring :)


    1. I couldn't agree more, Im not a fan of feet so I at least think they should look pretty in nice shoes! lol - Cute and girly too.


  2. I've got a very similar pair to the tan suede heeled ankle boots and I love them! I've been looking for some Nike trainers and those black ones look amazing :)

    Christine xx

  3. Love all of these! Especially the Nikes - I'm loving how Nikes are becoming so fashionable at the minute, my Roche Runs are just the comfiest things ever!

    Great post, thanks for sharing!! XX

    Charlotte |


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