Monday, 14 March 2016

On Trend ; Stripes


Whilst searching the net (as I do on a daily basis) I've noticed stripes are quite a big trend for the up and coming season. Whether it be on shirts, trousers, skirts and even dresses there is a way for everyone to try this key look. 

I'm going to be honest, i'm not a huge fan of stripes myself as I don't think they flatter my shape at all, however there are so many different styles, prints and fabrics available now that it is becoming an easier look to wear ... and pull off for various body types and shapes! 

When it comes to selecting the right look for you then you need to think about your shape. Stripes can be horizontal or vertical, thick or thin and can come in various different colours and widths apart. 

For myself,  I would usually go with vertical stripes as I feel if worn correctly it can elongate my body and not make me look so short or dumpy! .... short girl problems ... 
I also would only go for one key piece of clothing for example a t shirt or even better a shirt as these tend to be my go to style at the moment. I would tend to stay away from horizontal stripes as I feel it widens my body shape and I don't find it flattering in the slightest. 

If you're feeling brave you can double up on by wearing a matching co-ord in a striped print or mix it up by wearing vertical striped trousers and a horizontal striped top. 

If you're not feeling the trend with clothing you can always add a striped accessory, perhaps a bag or scarf to your outfit to complete the look. 

The options are endless you just have to be experimental which is what fashion is all about! 

Here are some of my favourite striped pieces available at the moment, all items have been linked for easy shopping! =] 

Let me know your favourites and recommendations or style tips! 

River Island

Pretty Little Thing


Further links to shop this 'on trend' style ... 

If you're wanting to splurge and you like investment pieces then take a look at some designer brands to help nail this look.... 


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