Saturday, 12 March 2016

Designer v Budget

Over the years as my interest for fashion has grown,  I have noticed more and more that no matter whether you pay high end prices or high street budget prices you can find exactly what you're looking for and it can look and feel amazing on if you're true to yourself and your style. 

With this being said, I have also noticed that as the years go by designer fashion brands are being copied on the high street for much more reasonable and realistic prices to many. This in a way has bridged the gap between high end and high street on so any different levels making fashion accessible to more people no matter what their budget. 

Never shop outside of your budget and always shop around as there are many alternatives available. Either on the highstreet or online you will be able to find some purse friendly options. 

So as I search through the internet (like I do on a daily basis) I have come across a few products which are similar to those designer brands on the market right now. 
I've selected some on trend favourites of mine and linked where to buy both versions. 

 Designer Balenciaga Runners £365
Buy here 
Budget Zara Lace Sneakers £39.99
Buy here 

Designer Chloe Faye Bag £1,190
Buy here 

Budget Yesstyle Flap Bag $35.06 (ships to the UK)
Buy here 

Designer Gianvito Rossi Sude and PVC Pumps £460
Buy here

Budget Zara Vinyl D'orsay Shoes £29.99
Buy here 

Designer Burberry Beige Trench Coat £1,395
Buy here 

Budget GAP Classic Trench £69.95
Buy here 

Designer Balmain Double Breasted Satin Mini Dress £1,855
Buy here

Budget Misguided Tuxedo Wrap Dress £35
Buy here 

These are just a few examples that i've come across but there are so many more out there.
I'm thinking of perhaps doing a post like this once in a while, what would you think? 

If you have any other alternatives/examples then please let me know!

I love designer as much as the next person but sometimes I feel like I may have to sell both kidneys to afford them! 
 Certain dupes in particular clothes I don't mind purchasing, shoes and bags not so much as I see them as investment pieces and so spend that little bit more on them! 


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