Thursday, 31 March 2016

Spring Time Footwear

 Spring may have sprung officially, but let's face it we can't get too excited about the nice weather yet as long as we live in the UK we should expect it to remain cold, dull and wet. And as I'm sitting typing this up I can hear the rain bouncing off my window..Oh the joys. 

As I was searching through the internet I found myself looking for some suitable footwear for this transitional period between Spring and Summer (if that's what we can call it) because it's way too premature to be wearing flip flops/sandals and the such so instead I have found the perfect alternatives. 

I have put together a wishlist to give you all some inspiration and share with you my favourites that I have come across and are available to buy now. 

All items linked for easy shopping. Enjoy xo



Alternatively if you're looking for something a little more relaxed... 


If you fancy a bit of a splurge .... 

These are just a few examples of shoes and boots I am loving at the moment hope it has given you some inspiration 

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Tuesday, 29 March 2016

OOTD ; Body On Me

Recently i've become obsessed with all in one body's or baby grows as I like to call them. I find that they smooth out the torso when on and you can avoid that wrinkled up nightmare and create an effortless and seamless transition from top to bottom.

 I think i'm becoming as obsessed with these as I am bomber jackets! Yikes ... 

I've also started to branch out in the leg wear department, with these black jeans from Topshop with slight rips to the knees - perfect for adding a more 'rock chic' touch to your look. Super comfortable and I believe they are part of the Jamie range. 

Black is a very flattering colour and can be very slimming -  Hence why I wear it head to toe 

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Short Sleeve Crew Neck Body ASOS here
MOTO Black Ripped Jamie Jean Topshop here 
MA1 Zip Bomber Jacket Topshop here
Mulberry Lily Medium Bag with Nickel Similar here 
Celine Sunglasses (SOLD OUT) Alternative here  
Christian Louboutin 120mm Pigalles (SOLD OUT) Alternative here 



Sunday, 27 March 2016

OOTD ; Grey Series

The Grey Series 

Okay, so I thought it was about time I started introducing some new content to my blog (yes I know, it's about time ha) so I have decided it's about time I start sharing with you my various looks and outfits I put together. 

To create my first look I teamed a simple midi skirt with a crop tee in slightly different shades of grey  and added some heels to elongate my legs. 

By adding a simple leather jacket and a black bag I completed the look. 

This can be worn for various different occasions by simply changing the accessories. If you wanted a more relaxed vibe, midi skirts can look super casual worn with some trainers and even a cropped jumper. 

Get the Look 


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Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Review ; Kylie LipKits

Kylie Jenner LipKits

The day finally arrived in which I was able to purchase a couple of the much anticipated and highly sought after Kylie Lipkits. I was unsure of which colours I wanted to get as in reality I want to be able to try them all - whoops - however as countdown began and I waited eagerly to add them to my basket I decided to go with Dolce K and Candy K as nude/browns are my go to colour. 

I was pleasantly surprised with how quick they arrived I think from the day of ordering until I received them it took around 10 days which to be shipped from LA isn't bad at all. You also get the option to track your delivery so you know where it is at all times. 


The lip kits are priced at $29 each which works out at around £20 which I don't think is too unreasonable as you get a lipliner pencil to match the liquid lipstick. 

As I purchased two of the lip kits it cost me in total around £50 including shipping. The packaging is cute and they come well wrapped and secured in the box so they can't move around. You also get a cute card from Kylie (generic card obviously) but a nice, simple little touch. 

These are the colour swatches of Dolce K and Candy K 


The colours in which I chose are the nude shades with the slightly darker brown shade. I loved how these shades looked on swatches on Instagram and from other bloggers etc who had purchased these.

On initial testing of these shades on my self I was pleasantly surprised at how nice they were and how they suited my skin tone. I think if I was to purchase any more I would love to try KoKo K and Posie K as I think these are a little bit more pinky tones. 

My Thoughts

Okay, so now i've told you a little bit about the colours and the pricing let me tell you about my thoughts on these lip kits. My first thoughts were that these were very cute and well packaged and the texture and consistency of the product allow it to be applied very easily. The lip pencil applies nicely to the lips and provides the perfect outline.

 When applying the liquid lipstick it goes on very wet and spreads across the lips until it dries, which makes it easy to apply. Once it dries it appears very matte - one thing that i'm not much of a fan of which I guess is the same with a lot of matte liquid lipsticks is that it is in fact very drying on the lips. This means that after a couple of hours of wear I found that it was looking very messy and needed reapplying again. Also because it is drying it means that it can make your lips feel very flakey. This isn't sexy or flattering.

After so much hype over the product I found that it isn't all I was expecting it to be. Although it does look really nice on and the shades are perfect it isn't very long lasting and requires reapplication every couple of hours or after you've eaten or drank. 

I would give the lip kits around 7/10 personally. I would however recommend you to purchase them for yourself and see how you feel about them as they are different on everyone. 

How to get your hands on a Kylie Lipkit 

A couple of easy steps to take to ensure you are able to purchase one of the lip kits before they sell out - which is usually within ten minutes - these are the steps in which I would suggest. 

First of all I would follow @KylieCosmetics on Instagram,  as all information about releases is posted on these pages. It also advises that the information is updated and posted to her App exclusively however if you follow the page people are always leaving comments with the estimated time or countdown of the release. This is how I was able to find out when the next drop was. 

Next thing I would do is ensure you have the website open whether it be on your phone or computer ready to hit refresh and add to your basket.

Remember, the site receives a lot of incoming traffic when they are released and so once you hit add to basket give it a moment to add as if you keep pressing it will add multiple to your basket and then you'll waste time having to delete them! 

Have your card details ready to enter so as to not waste time rummaging around. 

And fingers crossed you'll be able to have your own parcel arriving very soon! 


Wednesday, 16 March 2016

New In ; Gym Wear from Zara

Gym Wear by Zara 

It's no secret to anyone who knows me that Zara is my one of my favourite high street stores like EVER! I love how it offers on trend pieces at affordable prices with their basic range as well as some of their higher end items and variety of different key ranges including the TRF collection. 

So you can guess how excited I was when I discovered they were bringing out a gym wear range! As a lover of working out and keeping fit it completely brings both my worlds together shall we say. Working out can (and I think should be) fashionable as lets face it if you're a gym junkie you want to feel and look good as that's your aim right?!? So why shouldn't we take fashion to the gym with us.

The collection consists of 56 pieces from gym wear, swimwear, yoga attire to accessories with prices ranging from £5 to £40 which I mean come on, you can't go wrong for that! And one thing I know and love about Zara is how good the quality of the items are and how long they last. 

' feel good, feel new, feel pure '

It is divided into four categories ; 

Lightweight pieces 
Statement swimwear
Monochrome basics
Loungewear luxe 

And each collection offers various items which will have you feeling and looking good whilst working out.

I have linked some of my favourites pieces below with direct links to buy, but don't forget to check out Zara's full range here 







Do you have any favourites? 
I can't wait to add some of these to my ever growing gym wear collection! 

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