Saturday, 13 February 2016

Adidas x Yeezy Season 3

Kanye West proved again that he is unstoppable! I mean this guy never ceases to amaze me. Hiring out the entire Madison Square Garden to debut his forthcoming album 'The Life of Pablo' which will be his seventh solo album, alongside debuting the third Yeezy collaboration with Adidas and the much anticipated 'Yeezy Season 3'. 

Of course the Kardashian/Jenner family were at the centre stage whilst entering the arena with wife Kim Kardashian West sporting a blonde wig and daughter North.  Lamar Odam also made his first public appearance since the Nevada incident alongside Khloe. 

In the centre of the arena models were positioned on two platforms as well as around the area all ready to debut the new collection described as 'post-apocalyptic sportswear'. If you looked closely you could see famous faces amongst them such as Naomi Campbell (she STILL has it), Veronica Webb and rapper Young Thug. 

The arena was obviously filled with many famous faces all waiting in anticipation to get the first listen of the album and I think it was such a great move to stream it alongside the clothing collection. What I also found pretty amazing was that it was streamed all around the world in selected cinemas as well as online, with Tidal streaming it also. 

As you probably know already Kanye's collection for Adidas seems to stick with a similar trend. This is making the clothing very 'skin' like in terms of the colouring with flesh on show as well as the odd bit of nudity with the sheer detailing. 

I should also mention at this point that the Kim and the family were wearing 'Yeezy x Balmain' which was designed and created by Balmain's Olivier Rousteing in which Kanye had flown out to Paris a mere 5 days before the show to design and create for everyone. I just love the beading detailing and the fine work which was in every design which doesn't surprise as it's created by Olivier. I also enjoyed the over sized coats with the fur/feather detailing. 
I have to admit I enjoyed all of their outfits and I loved how they were all in white, neutral colours. 

Kanye kept it casual in a red sweater with a tribute tee to his late mother and Kim's late father, whilst wife Kim slayed in a blonde wig with plenty of cleavage on display. If you got it, flaunt it... right ? 

The look of the collection is very earthy/neutral tones with overused jumpers and flesh like garments. New tubular Adidas footwear and moon boots were also debuted as well as new Yeezy boosts with stripes. 

The colour palette was kept to browns, nudes and khakis with a bit of colour added with bursts of orange and red. 

Of course it wouldn't be a fashion show without fashions own Vogue editor in chief Anna Wintour taking a seat alongside the family. 

It was 'bae season' during the event with the family having the men in their life by their sides. 

With mom Kris accompanied by boyfriend Corey, Kylie and Tyga as well as Khloe and Lamar making their first appearance at an event together since putting a hold on their divorce. 

A rare sighting of Kris and Caitlyn together who put on a display for the cameras as a united front for son in law Kanye. 

It wouldn't be a fashion event without the attendance of the hottest models around right now either. 
With sisters Bella and Gigi Hadid joined by fellow fashionistas. 

The duck boots make a return. 

Invitations to the show were sent on Augusta Sportswear jackets as opposed to Yeezy jackets.

Very creative, yet what else do you expect from 'Mr Controversial' himself. 

It appeared that everyone loved the production from start to finish and the crowd were on their feet throughout the show in which Kanye himself made it known that if you were enjoying yourself clap along, dance and enjoy it. Show appreciation. 

Although I'm not a fan of the Yeezy collection myself much, I do think he has got the world of fashion right where he wants them. With the attendance of such huge figures in the fashion industry as well as A List celebrities the list is endless of huge supporters of him and what he does. 

I don't think there could have been a better way to debut both his album and clothing collection than together in the famous Madison Square Garden in front of the world. 
I'm not hearing anything but positive reviews about his album as well which I think is great because lets face it, it's been over a year in the making with multiple name changes within the last week or so alone! We have to give it to him he is a creative guy and knows exactly what he's doing. 

Overall I enjoyed the show and even managed to catch most of it online before the technical glitches with the some 20million people trying to log on at the same time to view it. 

Did you catch any of the viewing? Hear any of the album preview? 
Do you own any of the previous Yeezy season collections or plan on buying any of this one?

Let me know by leaving a message/comment below. 


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