Sunday, 17 January 2016

Workout : Gym Mode

We are a couple of weeks into the New Year and I'm sure a lot of people started with the same resolution in mind 'I must get fit and workout more'. 
As a gym attendee myself I go 5 to 6 times a week but since returning from New York I began to feel drained and the enjoyment I first got from going started to wear thin so I decided to take a break. 
BIG mistake.

When I first took a break from my regular routine it felt good to be able to relax a little and enjoy myself over the festive period eating exactly what I liked and wanted. But now we're into January i'm beginning to feel tired and sluggish so I have decided now is the time to get back into my routine. I have taken a break for long enough and I need some stability in my life. 

For motivation I decided to invest in some new gym wear to keep me focused and I've also decided that when I reach a comfortable goal I will treat myself to something new. This will also give me a little bit more motivation. 

 So i've put together a little something to give you guys some inspiration and get your head back in the game as well. You'll find ideas on gym attire from top to bottom. 

Remained Focused. Stay Positive.
 Never Give Up. 
Start today not tomorrow. 


Nike Pro Hypercool Tights £40
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Nike Pro Classic Sports Bra £26
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Nike Free Run Distance Trainers £105
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Nike Fundamental Training Glove £15
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Nike Flex TR 5 Trainers £57
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Nike T1 24oz Flow Water Bottle £15
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Nike Pro Limitless Vest £35
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All of the above items are available from JD Sports and I have made it easy for you to shop the items by linking them so be sure to 'click to buy' 

You can also shop more brands at JD sports here 

Here are a few more of my workout favourites.

Pink Soda Sport 
Buy here 

Buy here 

Buy here 

If you're wanting to stand out from the crowd and bring a bit of fashionable twist to the gym and you have that little bit extra to spend then I suggest you cause a little 'shoe envy' and invest in one of the most sought after collaborations of the year with Kanye West's Adidas Yeezy Boost 350s. 

You can find them on Flightclub which you go to here 

I also suggest you take a look at Luxury Lifestyle Concierge ManBehindTheBrand
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Also check out Crepslocker which is another Luxury Concierge Service  

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What's your favourites? Have you started back at the gym? 
Let me know how you're finding it! 

I can't wait to get back into a routine. 


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