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Things To Do Whilst In New York

After visiting Central Park, which reminded me of FRIENDS and one of my favourite films Home Alone, it just spurred me on to go and do more touristy things whilst in the Big Apple. Whilst in New York you can go on a Big Bus Tour which takes you around all the major tourist hotspots and is an easy way to get everything in whilst you're there. You can book these through concierge in your hotel or even walking down the streets there are a lot of people who work on behalf of the company which you can book and get your tickets through. 

However, I quite like walking around the city and taking in all of the sites this way as you can get up close and personal to everything as well as keeping slightly fit and literally I walked so much whilst I was out there I feel like it made up for the size of the food portions and delicious sweet treats ha!

One place that I have always wanted to visit ever since I was younger was the 9/11 Memorial and the new One World Trade Center. Now I knew it was going to be an emotional place to visit but I didn't know just how sad it was actually going to be. I still remember the day the Twin Towers which originally stood there came crashing down due to the terror attacks and I have watched documentary after documentary about what happened and the renovation of the area since. But nothing can quite prepare you for how you will feel once you are stood there where it all happened for yourself. 

Considering it is in the middle of a city and has thousands of people visiting and paying their respects to those lives lost daily, it is the most sombre atmosphere and whilst you're stood there you can hear nothing but the water flowing from the two fountain that now stand where the North and South tower originally stood. 

It was one of the most amazing things I've ever done and it makes you think that life is for living, you never know what might happen and you should do anything that makes you happen. 

I would definitely recommend this high on the list of places to visit whilst in NY. I didn't manage to go in the museum itself but it is somewhere I would go back to without a doubt. 

One World Trade Center


One of the tallest structures - to think 2 buildings similar to this once stood here only makes you think more about what everyone was feeling on that dreadful day when they were crashing down. 

One of the most emotional experience's of my life 

Another must do whilst in New York is of course visiting the Statue of Liberty, again this is something i've always wanted to see up close and I loved it! You take a boat ride out to the Island and you are able to walk around at your own leisure and take in the stunning views and of course Lady Liberty herself. Depending on the type of ticket you book also means you can different things so a basic ticket gets you on the island and be able to walk around but you can also buy different packages in which you can go inside the statue and go as far up as her crown, but I was made aware these sell out super fast and so if you're planning on visiting it's best to book in advance. 

I loved being able to walk around and take it all in and even though it started raining the views were still stunning. There's also a cute gift shop and little restaurant where you can pick up some snacks. 
After you've seen what you wanted to you can catch the next boat out which takes you onto Ellis Island before it takes you back to base.

New York Skyline

Brooklyn Bridge 

Although I didn't get to go to the Brooklyn Bridge and walk across it like I wanted too, I still was able to catch a glimpse of it whilst visiting the Statue of Liberty. However I would definitely recommend visiting this and taking a little walk across it because it look amazing and is such an iconic part of New York. I'll certainly be making a visit it to it next time I'm there. 

Other things which I did manage to see whilst there was the Empire Building and the Rockefeller Center and of course their Christmas Tree which again just reminds me of Home Alone. As well as the department stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales, Macy's as well as Bergdorf Goodman. Such amazing stores which you must get a glimpse of. 

However, you do need longer than 5-6 days in New York in order to fit everything in as there is so much to see and do. 

Some other things that I would definitely recommend to do, which when I return I just have to make time for, are things such as ; 

Horse and carriage ride around Central Park - this looks so good especially at Christmas time 
Going to the top of the Empire State Building as well as the Rockefeller Center 
The Grand Central Station 
A show on Broadway 
Madison Square Gardens 
Soho - Little Italy - Chinatown 

When in New York there is definitely something for everyone to do and enjoy. I would definitely recommend researching before you go as some things are better pre booked. 

You can find out a little more here but of course there are loads of websites online! 

What do you think? Have you ever visited any of these? Let me know =]
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