Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Shopping Haul ; New York

If you've been keeping up to date with my recent blog posts you will have hopefully read all about my New York adventures in which I tell you all about places to visit, things to do and so much more! 
What i've decided to do is let you guys in on my beautiful buys from when I was out there and do a quick post showing you them all, well most of them!

These little Prada beauties are one of the things I purchased from Woodbury Common and I LOVE them! They're the leather Prada loafers which i've been after for a while now and no where had my size so I previously ended up getting the suede version. Well now I have the leather and I am so excited! They're super comfortable! 

I'm obsessed with the Victoria's Secret make up bag range and I have almost all the bags from this collection so I just couldn't resist getting this one as well which is 3 bags all perfect for holding different things! 

I also couldn't resist getting this cute little VS robe and VS workout tee as well as some new PINK bottoms. 

I've wanted some Quay sunglasses for a while now and I came across these in Urban Outfitters and I had to get them. I love the blue lens and with the silver frame! I want the sunshine now! 

 Again this was on my wishlist for a while and after some deliberation I think I picked the best shade for me which 'Be Nude' I just love the individual casing and the packaging it comes in. 

 Whilst looking in Bloomingdales 'Little Brown Bag' section I came across this notebook which was so me and this little makeup bag which I thought why not I need these! ha 

I got this from one of the stalls outside Cartier and I think it just sums me up! I can't wait to find a frame for it! It'll go perfect in my office (once I get one ha)

Obviously I couldn't resist going into DASH whilst I was in Soho and I wanted to get something that was unique to the store so what better than a tee and some of the Arthur George sock range with DASH DOLL on which apparently are exclusive to the NY store. 

These two were such a bargain! $25 dollars each on offer and they smell divine. I also am a sucker for a nice bottle and these are just so pretty. 

Collection of beauty goodies from Sephora. We so need one of these in the UK! 

Couldn't resist this Becca highlighter heard so many amazing things about it even had to get my sister one ha the shade is 'Champagne Pop' and theres a little swatch below. =] 

 I just adore these colours! obsessed with nude shades! 

 I got these 2 NARS lip colours free as it was my birthday month which was so nice! 

Couldn't forget these little EOS and Pro concealer goodies! 

I also picked up a variety of different underwear sets and some Calvin Klein sets! As well as a few christmas presents. But I could have certainly bought more if I could have had room for it in my 2 suitcases! It was already a struggle packing this lot! 


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