Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Hello New York!

After what seemed like days of travelling I finally arrived at JFK airport and boy was I excited. Although it appears I had a little bit too much to drink on the aeroplane and so it was a lot of relying on my friend to get us to the hotel lol whoops! 

Once we had made it though airport security we took a yellow taxi to the hotel, taking in all the breath taking views and sites as we drove through the city. 

We arrived at our hotel just around 1pm so we still had plenty of the day left. 
During our stay in New York we had booked into the Sheraton Hotel in Times Square. It was absolutely amazing, extremely helpful and friendly staff and really really clean and well kept. But what else do you expect from a 5 star hotel ?! 

You can find out more about the hotel I stayed at here

The entrance to the Sheraton New York

Sheraton New York 
Looking down towards Times Square 

After we got settled into the room and had a few hours sleep we headed out to explore the evening and grab some food. I wasn't feeling too good what with the travelling, little sleep and the mix of alcohol to celebrate the start of the trip, everything was getting to me. 
But like a trooper I pulled myself together and set off to explore on my first evening. 

A gentle walk from the hotel into Times Square to have a look around, I was so taken back by all the bright lights and huge billboards and signs and how much the streets were packed with people. 

Bright City Lights 

Carlos Bake Shop

If like me you're a fan of TLC then you'll have heard of Cake Boss with Buddy - it's like my favourite programme and I love how amazing his cake designs are. I was so excited to see his New York shop for real! It was literally jam packed every single day! 

As we were walking the streets exploring we came across Ellen's Stardust diner in which my friend had visited last year. It's called Ellen's Stardust Diner and it is one of the craziest places i've ever dined at. Whilst you're eating your waiters burst into songs and perform for you. 

The story behind the diner is that people work there who are trying to make it on Broadway and in shows and be performers but haven't yet had their break. Throughout the evening you hear different stories, different waiters perform and also they do a collection in which the proceeds are shared equally with the staff and it helps go towards their lessons in acting, singing, ballet etc. 

I really loved the idea of this diner and everything it stood for and I was amazed to hear that 16 members in the last year have left to star on broadway and follow their dreams. 

The first day was such a quick one because of all the travelling and time difference so after we had grabbed a bite to eat we headed back to the hotel for an early night in preparation for Thanksgiving. 

Stay tuned for more New York posts and adventures. 

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