Friday, 11 December 2015

Central Park ; New York

My stay in New York was going to be short and sweet with 5-6 days there and I was planning on getting as much stuff as possible crammed into a small amount of time. As I had always wanted to go to New York I knew there were certain things that I had to make sure I did. 

My visit wasn't just about shopping in the sales and relaxing but it was going to be full on and filled with things to do. And I knew that one of the first things I wanted to do was visit Central Park so on one of the warmer afternoons as we were walking through the streets of New Year we worked our way down to the park. 

It's nothing like I imagined or had seen in movies, which disappointed me a little bit but never the less I was so excited to be walking around actual Central Park taking in all of the autumnal colours on the leaves and listening to christmas songs being played by a man on a saxophone that I totally forgot about what I had seen in movies and was focused on what I could see around me. 

I got to see people going by on horse and carriage rides which looked so good, although I am sad I never got to do this on this trip I was glad I was able to see it, as well as witnessing the ice rink and people laughing and smiling having so much fun. 
It was really relaxing walking around and taking everything in and it made me completely forget that I was in the middle of a such a huge city! I would definitely recommend a walk through the park!

Heading into Central Park

Stunning scenery 

A few pictures from my walks in NYC

Empire Building

Rockerfeller Center



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