Sunday, 20 December 2015

Black Friday ; New York Style

Each year, on the last Friday of November usually, the sales craze that is 'Black Friday' occurs. Now this has been huge in America but only recently for us here over in the UK. So you can probably guess that my excitement was taken to a whole other level at the thought of being in New York for Black Friday, seriously the biggest sale event of the year. 

Now with Thanksgiving being the day before all celebrations were based on that and a lot of the stores were closed or open limited hours in honour of the national holiday. However with Black Friday looming a select few stores chose to open early for the sales. Infant from Thursday evening Macy's opened its doors to the public from 6pm until late. And let me tell you I was not prepared for the madness and absolute chaos that the store would be in and although I tried to grab a glimpse of the sales before they officially started the following morning I just wasn't prepared for people dragging suitcases and bags ready to fill with all of their buys! Now I literally love shopping and sales are my thing but it's another level out there. 

Back to Black Friday I woke bright and early and I was raring to go and get my shop on, however I obviously couldn't start the shopping day without my warmed butter croissant and peppermint hot chocolate from Starbucks. These were definitely my naughty morning treat whilst out there! I was addicted. 

We headed out into the hustling bustling streets of New York and down through Times Square. There wasn't going to be a shopped left in which I wouldn't be looking in.

New York Skyline 

Just a few of the shopping bags from the day

Pretty Christmas lights 

 Barbies house in Toys R Us 

It was definitely an experience having Black Friday in New York because usually back at home I would stick to online rather than fighting my way around the shops however I actually really enjoyed my day probably the fact I was in New York will have helped too.

You will have seen my goodies purchased whilst in New York on my shopping haul post and if you haven't go take a look =]


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