Wednesday, 28 October 2015

What Got Me Into Blogging

 For this post it's going to be short and sweet. I thought I would just let you all know what got me into blogging and why I think it's for me. Firstly i've always been into fashion and into the design and creating aspects of it since I took textiles in school. I've always been into designing and creating my own things and I have books filled with various sketches of things I longed to create. 

As I started to get older I realised that my interest was growing with me and I wanted to learn more about brands which included designer as well as hughstreet. I think i've always had a love for the 'finer' things in life shall I say - not to say i'm stuck up in any way shape or form - but I have always and still do believe that 'you get what you pay for'. So when it comes to shopping I would rather save up for that one 'perfect' item than buy other alternative options or buy a variety of something. 

My first designer purchase was a Gucci bag which I saved hard for many months and I ended up buying it as treat to myself for my 21st birthday and ever since then my obsession has just grown. I then added to the collection by investing in a Gucci purse and a Louis Vuitton bracelet which surprisingly I still use to this day - 5 years later almost and they're all still going strong. Apart from the odd wear on the bag and purse they still hold their original shape and have their original colouring. This is what I expect when I buy high end items. 

Then about a year or so ago I decided to set up a blog and I just started posting random things that I liked etc but it didn't really do anything for me and I wasn't getting any views or responses which kind of knocked my confidence so I gave it up which was maybe my own fault because my heart wasn't in it and I wasn't posting regularly enough to even build up support. 
Then it wasn't until about 7months ago that I decided now is the right time for me to start blogging again and really give it my all. 

 When I post blog posts now I love hearing feedback and i'm always looking to improve my style and format and how I can get my work across and make it appealing to everyone so they take an interest and want to read more. I spend hours watching my favourite bloggers and vloggers picking up useful advice and handy tips on maybe how to stand out from the crowd and with each post I start to get more creative with my ideas. 

I know my blog is far from perfect but I definitely think that by working hard and remaining positive it is something that I can make a permanent fixture in my life. It's not something I honestly just do but it's genuinely something that interests me and I find it therapeutic almost when I write. 
By doing this I have been able to attend some great events and get first hand looks at new season trends and it's all part of the fun. I love meeting like minded people and everyone is genuinely lovely. 

I would love to keep blogging for a long time and I find it works perfectly alongside my current day job and lifestyle. It's a great outlet for me to share my favourite products and looks and styling outfits is also fast becoming one of my hobbies too. 

I will leave links to all my social media below and if you have any questions please leave me a message below. =] 

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