Monday, 26 October 2015

Beauty & Skincare Haul

 Over the last few weeks i've been building up a nice little beauty collection. As i've mentioned before I haven't always been the beauty/makeup lover but I am fast becoming obsessed. I watch hours and hours of Youtube videos and tutorials from an array for different beauty bloggers and I have been able to pick up so many different tips and advice on the best products to use. 

  Because of this I have slowly been building up my own collection (it's even gone as far as having to buy a new set of drawers to store all my beautiful goodies in - whoops) but I must say because I have done research into the various products I have been able to make wise choices in items which are good to invest in. 

  One of the first things I invested in - although it's not really a beauty product as in make up -  is the 'Redken Pillow Proof blow dry two day extender' dry shampoo. Now I first seen this on FeelUnique along with more of the Redken range however I didn't really know how much of a life saving product this would be until I seen a review from Victoria on Inthefrow 's Youtube page. This spurred me on to read more reviews and find out more about the brand. 

  I decided to purchase it from FeelUnique and within a few days it arrived. Now i'm a sucker for a dry shampoo as I don't like removing all the natural oils from my hair and with dying it a lot I don't like to over wash the hair (as bizarre as it sounds) so i'm always using a dry shampoo to get an extra day or two between washes as well as to help with volume. Dry shampoo's have come a long way since I first started using them and these days they are much more than a helping hand between washes. 

 What I loved about this particular brand is how it removed any excess oil from the hair and it didn't leave it feeling powdery or clogged up with product. It's light on the hair and leaves it feeling soft and  definitely gives you an extra day or two. Overall I would give this product an 8/10 and although it is slightly more expensive than highstreet and drugstore brands with it being priced at around £16 I do think it's worth it if it's something you would get a lot of use out of like I do. As I said I got mine from FeelUnique which you can find here where you can pick one up for £13.90. 

 One of the next products I invested in was after watching blogger Carli Bybel from thebeautybybel and one of her 'Get ready with me' Youtube videos. The product i'm talking about is theBalm Mary Lou Manizer Luminizer - and let me tell you this product is HEAVEN. 

I'm starting to learn more about make up and the vast range of products that are available and because i've been trying to master the art of contouring and strobing you need an amazing highlighting product in your makeup bag. And ladies this product is it! 

I have been putting it on the cheekbones and temple slightly as well as the brow bones, down the centre of my nose and across my cupids bow to accentuate the lips. It goes on so easily and can be built up with more product to get the desired look. I would give this a 10/10 just because it is such a good product and well worth the £17.50 price tag. I think it will last quite a long time and I love how cute the packaging is as well. I ordered mine from FeelUnique which you can find here and it came within 4-5 days free delivery which I think is great. 

The brush is from Real Techniques and again I ordered this from FeelUnique and it is the Setting brush priced at £6.99. 

If you have seen one of my previous blog posts you will have seen my review of the Bondi Sands tanning foam and so since I have started using that I have been wanting to make sure my skin is healthy and exfoliated on a regular basis and so it was whilst I was out shopping that I found this Palmers Cocoa body scrub. I think it's £4.99 and the tub is a reasonable size but what sold me was the incredible smell! As soon as you open it all you smell is chocolate and it smells amazing!! I think I could literally eat this it smells so good. I used to use the Soap & Glory body scrub however I think this Pamers Cocoa is going to be new found favourite! 

It's great for exfoliating the skin and leaves it super smooth as well as smelling amazing. Speaking of skin care I also picked up a couple of these face masks - a Limited Edition Vanilla Fudge self heating mask, a Honey peel off mask and a fruit exfoliating mask. I have really sensitive skin but I find these masks perfect and they don't cause me to break out or anything! 

I picked these up from my local Superdrug store but I'm sure you'll be able to find them online also. 

Remember I used FeelUnique for my order - and it came within 4-5 days. Such a great service and they currently have some great offers available ; 

20% OFF* when you spend £80 with code GIFTME20
15% OFF*when you spend £50 with code GIFTME15
10% OFF* when you spend £30 with code GIFTME10

I hope you enjoyed the read - Let me know if you can recommend any beauty products that are a must have =] I love trying out new things. 

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