Monday, 28 December 2015

Christmas & New Year

Hey guys I hope you have all had a lovely Christmas with friends, family and loved ones. I've had such a relaxing break from the 'real' world of working and it has been the first year or a few years that I have actually been able to enjoy it. The posts have been postponed until the New Year in which I plan on coming back with stronger content and pictures. 

I'm going to be starting the year more focused than ever and I want to thank everyone who takes the time out to read, follow and comment on my blog. It's been a great 6months of working hard and I look to go into 2016 even more focused and determined to share my love of fashion, beauty and travel with everyone. 

I'm going to be seeing this year out how I hope next year continues! 

So for now it's back to family, friends and loved ones! 

I'll see you all on the other side! With new posts, new ideas and much more! 

Have a lovely New Year everyone! 


Monday, 21 December 2015

Last Minute Stocking Fillers

If you didn't know already it's 3 more sleeps until Christmas Eve and 4 more sleeps until Christmas Day! Can you actually believe it's that time of the year again?! 

I've put together a quick last minute guide to stocking fillers that you can pick up in time for Christmas if you're looking for a few little extra things for your loved ones.

Fresh 'n' Rebel Rockbox Mini Speaker 

RRP £29.99 but currently on offer in selected HMV stores for £19.99

I just adore these mini speakers -  I recently treated myself to the mint green one and the sound from such a small speaker is unbelievable I couldn't quite believe I only paid £19.99 for it as well. It is well worth the money and is going to be so useful when I'm away somewhere as it's super lightweight and easily fits in all bags, even a handbag!
Perfect little stocking filler for any music lover! 

Hotel Chocolat Treats 

If you don't have a store local to you they are offering next day delivery until 6pm on the 23rd December (see their website for terms and conditions before ordering)

Christmas Jumper Chocolate Slab £5.00
I love the chocolate from Hotel Chocolat especially the milk and white chocolate and I just love how cute their christmas selection is from this christmas jumper to the reindeer lollies and Santa's. They have a variety to choose from so take a look here

NYX Butter Lipstick

Available at selected Boots stores these lipsticks are any makeup addicts dream and are £5.50 each available in an array of colours. 

 (photo found online here)

Great things are said about this makeup brand and although I'm yet to try it I am so pleased Boots have started to stock this so I can get my hands on a few things.
Click here to view more. 

George Home ; Letter 'N' Votive Candle 
Available in all letters for £2 each. 

Add that little personal touch with this initial candle. 

Socks In A Box 
They come in different characters from Santa Claus, Polar Bear to Reindeer and more for £5 each they are a cute little edition to any christmas stocking. 

They're so cute and I love fluffy socks especially at this time of year. Perfect over the christmas and winter season! 
Click here to view the whole range. 

These are just a few little things to get you started remember its only a few days away! 
Time to get that last minute shopping in! 

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Sunday, 20 December 2015

New York

I hope you have enjoyed reading my New York posts - I literally can't express to you how amazing I found it and how gutted I was to be leaving. Six days there just isn't long enough to fit everything in as there is so much to do whilst you are there besides of course the shopping. There's so much to see and places to visit in the surrounding area and I hope to return within the next year so I can experience more from the amazing city. 

If you haven't caught up with all my posts they're available now so go take a look and let me know what you think of if you can recommend any other places to go which I haven't been or mentioned yet. 

Usual posts will reconvene this week leading up to Christmas and New Year. 

NYPD lined up on their horses

New York Skyline


Black Friday ; New York Style

Each year, on the last Friday of November usually, the sales craze that is 'Black Friday' occurs. Now this has been huge in America but only recently for us here over in the UK. So you can probably guess that my excitement was taken to a whole other level at the thought of being in New York for Black Friday, seriously the biggest sale event of the year. 

Now with Thanksgiving being the day before all celebrations were based on that and a lot of the stores were closed or open limited hours in honour of the national holiday. However with Black Friday looming a select few stores chose to open early for the sales. Infant from Thursday evening Macy's opened its doors to the public from 6pm until late. And let me tell you I was not prepared for the madness and absolute chaos that the store would be in and although I tried to grab a glimpse of the sales before they officially started the following morning I just wasn't prepared for people dragging suitcases and bags ready to fill with all of their buys! Now I literally love shopping and sales are my thing but it's another level out there. 

Back to Black Friday I woke bright and early and I was raring to go and get my shop on, however I obviously couldn't start the shopping day without my warmed butter croissant and peppermint hot chocolate from Starbucks. These were definitely my naughty morning treat whilst out there! I was addicted. 

We headed out into the hustling bustling streets of New York and down through Times Square. There wasn't going to be a shopped left in which I wouldn't be looking in.

New York Skyline 

Just a few of the shopping bags from the day

Pretty Christmas lights 

 Barbies house in Toys R Us 

It was definitely an experience having Black Friday in New York because usually back at home I would stick to online rather than fighting my way around the shops however I actually really enjoyed my day probably the fact I was in New York will have helped too.

You will have seen my goodies purchased whilst in New York on my shopping haul post and if you haven't go take a look =]


Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Shopping Haul ; New York

If you've been keeping up to date with my recent blog posts you will have hopefully read all about my New York adventures in which I tell you all about places to visit, things to do and so much more! 
What i've decided to do is let you guys in on my beautiful buys from when I was out there and do a quick post showing you them all, well most of them!

These little Prada beauties are one of the things I purchased from Woodbury Common and I LOVE them! They're the leather Prada loafers which i've been after for a while now and no where had my size so I previously ended up getting the suede version. Well now I have the leather and I am so excited! They're super comfortable! 

I'm obsessed with the Victoria's Secret make up bag range and I have almost all the bags from this collection so I just couldn't resist getting this one as well which is 3 bags all perfect for holding different things! 

I also couldn't resist getting this cute little VS robe and VS workout tee as well as some new PINK bottoms. 

I've wanted some Quay sunglasses for a while now and I came across these in Urban Outfitters and I had to get them. I love the blue lens and with the silver frame! I want the sunshine now! 

 Again this was on my wishlist for a while and after some deliberation I think I picked the best shade for me which 'Be Nude' I just love the individual casing and the packaging it comes in. 

 Whilst looking in Bloomingdales 'Little Brown Bag' section I came across this notebook which was so me and this little makeup bag which I thought why not I need these! ha 

I got this from one of the stalls outside Cartier and I think it just sums me up! I can't wait to find a frame for it! It'll go perfect in my office (once I get one ha)

Obviously I couldn't resist going into DASH whilst I was in Soho and I wanted to get something that was unique to the store so what better than a tee and some of the Arthur George sock range with DASH DOLL on which apparently are exclusive to the NY store. 

These two were such a bargain! $25 dollars each on offer and they smell divine. I also am a sucker for a nice bottle and these are just so pretty. 

Collection of beauty goodies from Sephora. We so need one of these in the UK! 

Couldn't resist this Becca highlighter heard so many amazing things about it even had to get my sister one ha the shade is 'Champagne Pop' and theres a little swatch below. =] 

 I just adore these colours! obsessed with nude shades! 

 I got these 2 NARS lip colours free as it was my birthday month which was so nice! 

Couldn't forget these little EOS and Pro concealer goodies! 

I also picked up a variety of different underwear sets and some Calvin Klein sets! As well as a few christmas presents. But I could have certainly bought more if I could have had room for it in my 2 suitcases! It was already a struggle packing this lot! 


Sunday, 13 December 2015

Shopping In New York

If you couldn't have guessed already I could't wait to get to New York and hit the shops! After hearing so many good things about the shopping out there I just wanted to spend spend spend! 
And whilst I was there I literally took 'shopping until you drop' to a whole new level for me. 

New York has quite a few shopping areas in which you can go shopping starting with Times Square and the surrounding area which is jammed with store after store full of goodies all ready for you to select your chosen items and purchase. 

Around Times Square you will find the likes of your usual brands Forever21, H&M and any beauty addicts heaven Sephora. As well as that the further you walk down you will find Victoria's Secret, Urban Outfitters and Macy's to name a few. Also nestled in between are lots of little stores in which I hadn't heard of a few of them but one in particular I loved was a little shop called 'Ricky's' which was the best little find, again full of beauty goodness. 

Of course any shoppers must also visit 5th Avenue where again you will find such a large array of stores from Tiffany and Co., Hollister, Tommy Hilfiger as well as the larger department stores Saks 5th Avenue and Lord & Taylor. 

Obviously it doesn't stop there as New York is quite a big city and as well as the endless shops up and down the avenues I also recommend checking out Soho which you'll find the likes of Balenciaga, DASH, J Crew, Agent Provocateur and even Bloomingdales. 

There's such a huge choice of places to shop you literally won't get bored and if you're as much a shopper-holic like me then you'll be in heaven. 

I recommend visiting the big department stores as i've mentioned already as well as Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus - even just to say you've been. 

As it was Christmas time when I visited everywhere was covered in wonderful window decorations and sparkling lights. They looked gorgeous! 

These Christian Louboutin shoes are to die for! 


How amazing! 

Remember there are so many places to visit in New York and if you can have been anywhere else then let me know would love to hear your recommendations. 

Aside from shopping in NY there is also a great outlet called 'Woodbury Common' which is located in New Jersey which is around an hour away on a coach. You can book a coach to the outlet, there and back, either through your hotel concierge or they will point you in the right direction to book with one of the travel agents. 

I decided to do this one day and left around 9.30am returning at 4pm and it was a great day out. What I also enjoyed was being able to see America in a different way to the busy bustling streets of Times Square. I was able to see the traditional housing and cute little neighbourhoods which is something i'd only ever seen on movies and tv. The journey flew over and I was so excited to get there and see what it was like and it didn't disappoint. 

It has an array of designer outlets from Balenciaga, Valentino, Celine, Versace to Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein as well as Kate Spade and Jimmy Choo. 

Whilst I was here I picked up some amazing little savings! (more on those later)

Beautiful blue skies and mountain views 

You can find out more about Woodbury Common here

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