Thursday, 20 July 2017


Fashion is forever changing and I love to find new places to shop, especially when they offer such a huge range of products, so discovering was a hit with me. As I spend a lot of time searching the internet, instagram and youtube I had actually came across this particular website previously but I guess I hadn't really paid it much attention, until now that is, and i'm glad I did as it literally offers so much and has a huge selection from clothing to shoes, accessories and more... 

This is where I thought I would take a look into more long dresses and so I started to do a bit of searching on this website and see what I could find. 

This website is a one stop shop to everything you could possibly want and at such affordable prices, yes prices are shown in dollars but they most definitely ship to the UK. Now with every website you get the good and the bad and you're obviously not going to like everything that's on offer nor like the fabrics etc etc  but you will most certainly find something to your liking, with such a huge selection it would be hard not to. 

I think one of the things I found most difficult, and took a little bit of time to get my head around was the vast amount of items which are on the website. It can get a little overwhelming I can't lie, but when you do come across a little gem then you'll be ever so grateful when you see the price '$$$' 

For those of you who love longer dress you will find such a great collection of dresses (simply click on the link above to go directly to that style) and whats also equally as good is the fact they offer a great range for all shapes and sizes! So there is literally something for everyone. 

One of the dresses which caught my eye was this 'Black Sexy Long Sleeve Backless Slimming See-Through Womens Dress $15.76' I think the lace and the chain dealing to the back is great and when you see the word slimming you're like heyyyy girl ! 

Another item which caught my eyes was this 'Floral Slit Long Beach Kimono Flowy Cover Up $11.58'  I think the print is great and perfect for throwing on over a bikini at the beach or round the pool on holiday. 

You could spend hours going through this website and finding great pieces for incredible prices and I would highly recommend a browse. So if it's new clothes you're after then why not take a look here? Summer sales are ongoing, all from 33% off. Use code RGEN for another 10% off! 

Theres a huge sale on at the moment so click here to go straight where all the action is! 

Keep your eyes peeled for the next post on Rosegal in which i'll share more of my experience shopping here as well as sharing with you the items I pick up! 

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Tuesday, 11 July 2017


On a recent 'clear out' of my wardrobe I discovered a few items in which quite frankly, I hadn't see for some time and it got me thinking. I'm sure I'm not the only one who buys something, perhaps wears it once or twice and then completely forgets about it, because lets face it who wants to be seen more than that in the same outfit right?! 

Monday, 12 June 2017

Festival Vibes ; Missguided 20% Off

Festival season is upon us and with Radio 1s Big Weekender kicking the festivities off followed by ParkLife, I've put together a little bit of inspiration/mood board on some of the latest bits you can pick up from Missguided and what perfect timing as there's currently 20% festival shop.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Bobbles/hairties and bobby pins/hair grips, whatever you choose to call them, where do I start ?! 
I know it surely can't be only myself who struggles to keep these for very long without them mysteriously disappearing into the unknown and never to return. 

I swear I literally go through so many of these it's hard to even keep track. One minute they're in my hair holding it back off my face then bang they're gone never to be seen again. I really don't understand how it's possible to even lose so many of them and it really can't be all about just 'misplacing' them because honestly how is that even possible.


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